Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1697 - Without a single defeat

Chapter 1697: Without a single defeat

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The remaining mercenaries all looked at each other speechlessly after the gold-robed man walked away.

The gold-robed man who conceded defeat and left just now was a middle-tier S-rank mercenary who could almost be considered average amongst the S-rank mercenaries at Scarlet Flames Academy.

At Scarlet Flames Academy, the strength of S-rank mercenary students was varied across the chart. Someone like Meng Tian would be killed in a second if he encountered a top-tier S-rank mercenary.

Only normal S-rank mercenaries participated in this year’s martial competition, and barely any higher-leveled S-rank mercenaries attended. The majority of them were carrying out missions outside.

“Forget it, that senior brother’s strength is the highest amongst us, but even he surrendered… I won’t fight either.” An S-rank mercenary turned to the referee and said, “I concede defeat.”

“I also concede defeat…”

The few remaining S-rank mercenaries also conceded defeat, leaving the burly mercenary dumbstruck. They all surrendered? They hadn’t even started fighting, so how did they know they would lose for sure?!

Moreover, even if this woman was formidable, they had numbers on their side, so it was uncertain who’d come out on top if the few of them fought with everything they had.

“What about you? Are you fighting or conceding?”

The referee promptly turned to the remaining burly man left in the Top 10.

The burly mercenary was startled.

“Are you kidding me?” The burly man stared at the referee and snorted. “Of course I’m fighting.”

“Then hurry up,” the referee responded.

Suddenly, the burly man took out his phone from his pocket.

“Hey… What is it… Yeah, it’s me… What?! Okay, I’ll be right there!” The strong man hung up the call with an evidently anxious expression. “Not good… My friend got in a car accident and is waiting for a blood transfusion… My blood type happens to be a match, so I gotta go and save my friend…”

Absolute silence descended on the venue.

The referee: “…”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Everyone: “…”

The burly man glanced at Ye Wanwan and coldly said, “You’re lucky, Junior Sister… If it weren’t for my friend getting into a car accident and losing a lot of blood today… Hmph, you get the point!”

Ye Wanwan: “…” You freaking held your phone upside down…

The referee climbed onto the stage and announced: “Ye Wanwan obtains first place in this year’s martial competition, creating the newest record. She won 37 matches in a row without a single defeat, obtaining 5,000 honor points for breaking a record. Combined with the 10,000 honor points from achieving first place in the competition, she gains a total of 15,000 honor points!”

Exclamations spread across the audience.

“She broke the record?! D*mn… I didn’t even notice that Ye Wanwan actually won 37 matches in a row without losing at all… Impressive…”

“I think Worriless Nie back then only won 23 matches in a row and created the first record for the martial competition…”

“However, the caliber of that year’s martial competition was too high! Aside from top-tier S-rank mercenaries, SS-rank mercenaries also participated…”

“Worriless Nie was fearsome indeed, but so what? In the end, she was still surpassed by her younger sister, Nie Linglong.”

“Worriless Nie’s master is Elder Gong while Nie Linglong’s master is Elder Lei He. How accomplished was Elder Gong after he produced Worriless Nie back then?! She established all sorts of records at Scarlet Flames Academy, but unfortunately, they were all broken by Nie Linglong afterward.”

“That’s right, there’s still a considerable distance between Worriless Nie and Nie Linglong.”

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