Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1694 - Emperor Ji is right

Chapter 1694: Emperor Ji is right

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Ye Wanwan’s words might be twisted logic but did hold some truth. Ye Wanwan didn’t violate any rules; it was the academy’s rules that had loopholes.

“Headmaster, this junior has something that I don’t know if I should mention,” Ji Xiuran suddenly said to Scarlet Flames’ headmaster.

The headmaster nodded and turned to Emperor Ji. “No need to be polite, Emperor Ji. Speak your mind.”

“Headmaster, Scarlet Flames Academy’s student, Ye Wanwan, did kill an S-rank mercenary, but Ye Wanwan is merely a D-rank mercenary. As she said, she did fight two people on her own and had to face two S-rank mercenaries, so perhaps she was a little nervous and didn’t control her strength well. Moreover, based on what I saw, it was Meng Tian who possessed a killing intent first but was killed instead due to a lack of strength. I think Ye Wanwan should be considered innocent,” Ji Xiuran said with a light chuckle.

Ji Xiuran didn’t mention any loopholes in the rules since the rules were created by the headmaster himself, after all, so it would humiliate the headmaster if he kept mentioning the rules.

The headmaster nodded and turned to Lord Asura to ask, “What do you think, Lord Asura?”

The man looked at the headmaster and deliberated on it for a moment before responding, “I agree with Emperor Ji.”

Elder Gong: “…”

Elder Lei He: “…”

All the mercenaries and higher-ups present looked at each other, bewildered. Didn’t people say Emperor Ji and Lord Asura got along like water and oil…? So why… did they feel something was amiss… with these two people…? These two…

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Elder Lei He glanced at Lord Asura before looking away. Why did I invite Lord Asura here??? Not only did he not help me in the slightest, but he also sabotaged me at every turn…

Unfortunately, he was Lord Asura, so Lei He couldn’t have a falling out with him.

Sometime later, the headmaster looked at Ye Wanwan and nodded. “Alright, Ye Wanwan, just this once. This is not to be repeated again. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited during martial competitions from now on.”

Ye Wanwan immediately responded with a smile. It had to be said that the headmaster was very fair and reasonable.

“Resume the competition,” the headmaster added.

Ye Wanwan: “…” I’m not allowed to drink alcohol anymore. What more is there to compete…? I should just surrender.

Currently speaking, eight S-rank mercenaries were left, and they were all frighteningly strong. There was no doubt that she had zero chances of winning unless she drank alcohol.

The referee quickly went onto the stage and sharply glared at Ye Wanwan before impatiently announcing, “Ye Wanwan, you won this match, so you can keep challenging opponents until you’re defeated.”

“Can I not challenge anyone?” Ye Wanwan asked.

She already entered the Top 10, so it didn’t matter whether she continued to compete or not.

“No! This is a rule; you must obey it!” the referee retorted.

“…” So I lost to the rules…

Ye Wanwan was forced to look at the Top 10’s seats and randomly pointed at an S-rank mercenary.

She was prepared to briskly surrender when the match started so she wouldn’t be beaten without room for retaliation.

Soon, a young man walked down from the Top 10’s seats and arrived on the stage, coming face to face with Ye Wanwan.

“I…” Ye Wanwan was about to concede when…

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