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Chapter 1693 - Please show me justice, Headmaster

Chapter 1693: Please show me justice, Headmaster

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Ye Wanwan could regurgitate the martial competition’s rules backward.

For example, even though Meng Tian took out a dagger, a dagger wasn’t considered a concealed weapon or poisonous powder, so a weapon like that was permitted. Hence, Meng Tian didn’t break the rules, and his guilt couldn’t be decided simply based on whether he intended to kill her or not.

Ye Wanwan wasn’t dumb. Everyone saw Meng Tian pull out a dagger and attack her during the match but was killed by her instead after she stole his dagger, so why did these higher-ups still determine her to be guilty?

They weren’t favoring a certain side; these were Scarlet Flames Academy’s rules indeed.

As long as Meng Tian didn’t use poison or concealed weapons, the dagger was permitted unless he used his dagger and stabbed her several times, leading to her death. Only then would Meng Tian be punished.

Since they did things according to the academy’s rules, this would be easy for her.

Scarlet Flames Academy attached immense importance to rules, so she would be fine as long as she found the loophole in its rules.

Scarlet Flames Academy’s rules didn’t prohibit competitors from drinking alcohol, so Ye Wanwan could naturally avoid responsibility for any uncertain factors that occurred during her intoxicated state. After all, she was merely a D-rank mercenary who followed the rules.

The enforcer elder stared at Ye Wanwan, his lips twitching. Elder Gong’s disciple was truly eloquent and managed to render him speechless.

“No matter what, it’s true that you killed Meng Tian,” the enforcer elder said with a frown.

Ye Wanwan smiled faintly. “May I ask this elder who owned the weapon I used to kill Meng Tian? That dagger was carried by Meng Tian himself from the start. He was inept, and I was able to steal it and retaliate… How could I have expected that…? Meng Tian is Elder Lei He’s beloved disciple, to say the least, so who could’ve expected Elder Lei He’s disciples to be so weak? They couldn’t defeat me two versus one, yet you’re now blaming me instead?”

Elder Lei He’s face was so dark that ink could drip from it, and an immensely chilly glint shone in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Elder Gong was smiling mockingly; he was very keen on Ye Wanwan’s words.

“Lei He, you couldn’t teach your disciples well. Two S-rank mercenaries fought against my disciple, Ye Wanwan, who was on her own. One got killed in return while the other was seriously injured. Now, it’s suddenly my disciple who’s in the wrong?” Elder Gong glanced at Lei He.

Veins bulged out on Lei He’s forehead. Ever since Elder Gong’s disciple, Worriless Nie, left Scarlet Flames Academy, Lei He had ruthlessly trampled Elder Gong all these years. When had he ever been humiliated like this?!

“No matter what, you still killed the S-rank student, Meng Tian…” The enforcer elder stared at Ye Wanwan with a deep frown.

Although all of Ye Wanwan’s reasoning was logical, they couldn’t pardon Ye Wanwan’s crime of murder just like that, right?

“Sir Headmaster, I didn’t disobey any of Scarlet Flames Academy’s rules, so I shouldn’t have to accept any punishment. Please show me justice, Headmaster.”

Ye Wanwan suddenly spoke to the headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy.

The headmaster sunk into contemplation.

Without rules, nothing could be done. The headmaster placed high importance on rules and personally decided or participated in the creation of most of the rules at Scarlet Flames Academy.

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