Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1695 - I concede defeat

Chapter 1695: I concede defeat

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“Referee, I concede defeat. I won’t compete,” the man said ahead of Ye Wanwan.

“You want to concede defeat?!”

The referee looked at the S-rank mercenary with surprise. This student was remarkably stronger than Meng Tian, but he conceded defeat without even an attack…?

“En, I concede defeat.” Then the man jumped down the stage without a glance at Ye Wanwan, leaving a dumbfounded Ye Wanwan behind.

“Ye Wanwan wins… advancing to eighth place in the Top 10…” the referee had no choice but to announce that.

“Ye Wanwan, you can choose to rest for a moment before continuing your challenge. You can choose to not rest too,” the referee said.

“I choose him.” Ye Wanwan pointed at the S-rank mercenary a rank above the previous mercenary.

“Why did this woman choose me? Is there something wrong with her? It’s not like I know her!” The man frowned and left the Top 10’s seats with a displeased expression.

The man walked onto the stage and stuck up his middle finger toward Ye Wanwan before saying to the referee, “I concede defeat.”

Then he immediately walked down from the stage without giving anyone a chance to say anything.

The referee announced, “Ye Wanwan wins, advancing to seventh place in the Top 10.”

Ye Wanwan: “???”

Her strength when she wasn’t drunk was complete trash compared to these true S-rank mercenaries, alright? What were they trying to do by conceding defeat one after another without hesitation?

Ye Wanwan considered it for a moment and understood the situation.

Only she knew that her strength rocketed to a frightening height after getting drunk. It didn’t mean that other people knew…

These S-rank mercenaries who were conceding defeat probably thought she was still the super-powerful figure who could slaughter gods and demons on the stage from earlier.

Powerful my a**…

Ye Wanwan became spirited instantly. If things were like that… perhaps she could get first place…

It wasn’t necessary but why would she reject a first place given to her? She wasn’t dumb.

“You! Come down!”

Ye Wanwan’s confidence burst from her, and she looked at one of the men sitting in the Top 10.

“Me?” The young man pointed at himself, taken by surprise.

“Yes, you. Come down.” Ye Wanwan nodded.

“Eh… How about you pick a different person to challenge?” the man asked her cautiously.

“Bullsh*t! She’s challenging you!”

“Hurry and get down there! Why are you freaking asking her to challenge someone else?! What? You want to dig a trap for us?!”

“I’m telling you—if you don’t go down now, I won’t be so polite anymore!”

Shoved forward by everyone, the man unwillingly entered the stage without any choice.

“Attack,” Ye Wanwan said.

“You attack first.” The man shook his head.

“You first.”

“No, I won’t.” The man looked unwilling.

Ye Wanwan angrily glared at him. He was a towering S-rank mercenary and full-grown man; why did he start acting coy with her?!

Ye Wanwan immediately struck the man with her hand. This man had to be willing to attack no matter what or else it would be disadvantageous for her if the match was dragged out—her weakness might be discovered. Hence, Ye Wanwan decisively attacked. If this truly didn’t work, she could just surrender.

However, before she could touch the man, he flipped and jumped down the stage. “What?! Come out and fight me if you can!”

“…” What the heck is wrong with this man…?

The audience stared at the man with embarrassment. They wanted to insult him but abandoned that idea after some thought. He was still an S-rank mercenary, after all… It wouldn’t be good if he held a grudge against them afterward.

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