Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1690 - Did I win or lose?

Chapter 1690: Did I win or lose?

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“Headmaster!” Elder Lei He walked toward the headmaster and told him the whole story.

The headmaster’s expression shifted when Lei He was done.

A student intentionally killed an S-rank mercenary…?

Although the rules of Scarlet Flames’ martial competition stated that the match ended when a result was reached, accidents frequently occurred. However, purposely killing someone and accidentally killing someone were two entirely different concepts.

“Thousands of pairs of eyes witnessed Elder Gong’s disciple intentionally killing Meng Tian. Headmaster, I’m afraid Elder Gong is using official means to avenge private wrongs and purposely had his disciple attack lethally!” Lei He looked at Elder Gong.

Elder Gong returned his look and coldly said, “Lei He, I think it’s you who purposely had your disciple die in my disciple’s hands in order to frame me and my disciple.”

“Are you bullsh*ting?” A chilly glint flickered in Lei He’s eyes.

“Didn’t you start bullsh*ting first?” Elder Gong glanced at him.

Before Lei He could respond, the headmaster swept his eyes over the two old men.

Lei He and Elder Gong stopped talking.

“Is the assailant the one on the stage?” The headmaster looked up at the stage.

“Yes, that’s Ye Wanwan.”

A higher-up nodded and said, “Ye Wanwan drank alcohol during the match and is currently asleep. Headmaster, please place the order to capture her.”

“How novel.” The headmaster waved his hand. “No need, we can discuss this after Ye Wanwan wakes up. She can keep sleeping.”

Lei He and the others all frowned. Discuss this after Ye Wanwan woke up?

No one disturbed the sound-asleep Ye Wanwan after that.

As time passed by, afternoon turned into night.

On the stage, Ye Wanwan slowly opened her eyes, her head splitting.

Ye Wanwan foggily surveyed her surroundings.

Many mercenary students remained, as well as Lord Asura and Ji Xiuran.

Ye Wanwan frowned deeply and pressed on her temples hard. Her mind was a mess; she was clueless about the prior events.

Ye Wanwan sat up a moment later and leaned against the corner pole of the stage. When she met everyone’s peculiar gazes, she felt inexplicably guilty and tried her best to recall earlier events.

She participated in the martial competition… Then she ran into Elder Lei He’s disciple, Meng Ke, and challenged Elder Lei He’s second disciple, Meng Tian, too…

After that, she drank the cocktail with a high alcohol content that she prepared ahead of time… then Ye Wanwan lost all memory of what happened afterward…

“I blacked out again… Am I that awful with alcohol…?” Ye Wanwan murmured.

“Did the match end?” Ye Wanwan asked as she stood up suddenly, her eyes scanning the crowd.

However, the entire venue was silent. Thousands of pairs of eyes stared at her intently, but no one spoke.

Ye Wanwan frowned deeply. What are they doing…? Why are they looking at me like this? Did I… did I do something after getting drunk…?

“The referee… Where’s the referee?” Ye Wanwan looked below the stage.

Seeing Ye Wanwan’s gaze landing on him, the referee reflexively covered his crotch.

“Sorry for getting drunk earlier, referee. How did the match end? Did I win or lose?” Ye Wanwan asked.

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