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Chapter 1689 - Headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy

Chapter 1689: Headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy

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Disapprove of people taking advantage of others’ inattention?

Lei He stared at the expressionless man before him. It would be fine if these words were spoken by Ji Xiuran.

Everyone was aware of Emperor Ji’s gentlemanly reputation in the Independent State.

However, Lord Asura was obviously a man who was one with the night, yet he spoke such honorable words.

As one of the three core factions of Prison, Asura was probably more atrocious than the Fearless Alliance!

Of course, Lei He wasn’t in a position to comment further though, since Lord Asura was invited by him.

Regardless of Ye Wanwan’s current state, she had committed a crime that warranted her death, and a resolution would be reached when the headmaster arrived in a moment.

Elder Gong turned to Ji Xiuran and said softly with a smile, “Emperor Ji, Ye Wanwan is truly outstanding. Why did you have her enroll at Scarlet Flames Academy instead of keeping her by your side?”

With Ye Wanwan’s strength, she could’ve definitely become Emperor Ji’s left or right hand woman if she stayed by his side.

Ji Xiuran smiled and said, “This is where she’s supposed to be. As for why, Elder Gong will find out eventually.”

By this point, Ji Xiuran could confirm that Ye Wanwan was able to recover the majority of Worriless Nie’s martial strength when she was drunk. However, she didn’t display any of Worriless’ moves earlier, so Elder Gong was unable to recognize her or else he wouldn’t be so calm right now.

Elder Gong was startled, puzzled by the meaning behind Ji Xiuran’s words.

“Quick, look…!”

A mercenary shouted before Elder Gong could pursue the matter.

Everyone turned to the front.

It was an elderly man whose hair and beard were as white as his robes, leading several elders toward the stage.

“That elderly man is…”

“The headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy!”

“D*mn! That’s Scarlet Flames’ headmaster?! I’ve been a student for three years, but this is the first time I’ve seen the headmaster!”

The crowd became restless following the headmaster’s appearance.

Soon, the headmaster and elders arrived at the VIP seats.

“Greetings, Headmaster,” Ji Xiuran greeted with a smile and cupped his fists at the headmaster.

The headmaster nodded. “Long time no see, Emperor Ji.”

“Greetings, Headmaster Scarlet Flames.” Lord Asura also stood up unhurriedly.

“Oh my, Lord Asura has honored us with his presence. Apologies for not appearing earlier,” the headmaster said to Lord Asura.

“You’re too polite, Headmaster,” Lord Asura responded aloofly.

“Hello, Headmaster.”

The silent Nie Linglong also stood up and greeted him.

“Hello, Linglong. You were the most outstanding student at Scarlet Flames Academy, so we’re very happy that you’re able to visit us often,” the headmaster said.

Scarlet Flames Academy was one of the three great mercenary academies in the Independent State, and the headmaster of Scarlet Flames was once a powerful and prominent figure as well.

When Scarlet Flames Academy was able to control the Independent State with a lift of a finger, the younger generation like Lord Asura, Ji Xiuran, and even their parents had yet to be born.

The headmaster of Scarlet Flames spent the latter half of his life strengthening Scarlet Flames Academy, and the current mercenaries in the Independent State had intimate relationships with the headmaster.

A headmaster from Independent State’s three great academies naturally deserved everyone’s respect, and people like Lord Asura and Ji Xiuran were no exception.

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