Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1691 - You were quite mighty

Chapter 1691: You were quite mighty

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She was the only one left on the stage. Meng Ke and Meng Tian were missing.

“Got drunk… Heh, Ye Wanwan, you were quite mighty,” the referee mocked.

A casual “I got drunk” and she lethally killed an S-rank mercenary, Meng Tian, and nearly crippled him!

“Ye Wanwan, you harmed your fellow disciple and killed Senior Brother Meng Ke! The proof is solid as iron, so surrender yourself already!” Meng Ke, who was standing next to Elder Lei He in the VIP seats, severely shouted at her all of a sudden.

Ye Wanwan was startled, shock surfacing in her eyes.

I killed Meng Tian?!

Meng Tian was Elder Lei He’s second disciple, to say the least, but she managed to kill an S-rank mercenary this easily? Moreover, Ye Wanwan never thought she would commit murder after getting drunk…

“Sis Wan…”

Li Xin sprinted to the base of the stage and took out his phone from his pocket, handing it to Ye Wanwan. He quietly said, “Sis Feng, you’re in big trouble… I recorded your match, so take a look for yourself…”

Ye Wanwan accepted the phone from Li Xin in a baffled state.

Ye Wanwan was shocked by the Ye Wanwan in the video. She knew she would recover Worriless Nie’s strength when she was drunk, but she didn’t expect herself to be this powerful. She didn’t display this kind of terrifying strength back at the cafe…

The beginning of the video was fine, but Meng Ke clearly wanted her dead when he took out a dagger.

Meng Tian wasn’t strong enough compared to her drunk self and got his dagger stolen before being killed by her instead. He brought it upon himself, so there wasn’t much to say about that.

However, this was Ye Wanwan’s first time seeing herself kill someone. She didn’t know if it really was her first time killing someone, but this was the first in her current memory, so a desire to retch uncontrollably arose in her.

“Ye Wanwan, what else do you have to say for killing the S-rank disciple, Meng Tian?” the headmaster of Scarlet Flames asked her from the VIP seats.

Ye Wanwan followed the source of the voice and examined the elderly man.

Several elders stood next to the elderly man, including Elder Gong and Lei He…

Ye Wanwan was ignorant, so she managed to guess the elderly man’s identity with a little thought. If she was right, then this was the headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy…

“This junior won’t admit to the crime of intentionally killing my fellow disciple,” Ye Wanwan answered the headmaster without being obsequious or haughty.

“Insolence!” Lei He stared at Ye Wanwan and yelled, “Ye Wanwan, everyone saw you kill Meng Tian. Do you think you can pretend it didn’t happen with a few words?!”

Lei He pointed at her and continued, “I believe it wasn’t your intention to kill Meng Tian, Ye Wanwan. Did someone purposely instruct you to do so? If you admit it and reveal the mastermind, Scarlet Flames Academy can be lenient in your punishment!”

After saying that, Lei He casually glanced at Elder Gong.

“Elder Lei He, you can eat carelessly but you shouldn’t speak carelessly,” Elder Gong coolly said with a glance at the other man.

Lei He snorted. “Elder Gong, I didn’t say you were the mastermind who instructed Ye Wanwan to kill Meng Tian, so why are you so agitated? Could it be that you’re guilty so you’re now afraid Ye Wanwan will reveal your name?”

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