Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1686 - What about me?

Chapter 1686: What about me?

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This matter could be major or minor; it would be fine if Lord Asura showed him this courtesy…

Elder Gong was protectively speaking on his little disciple’s behalf when Ye Wanwan hastily interjected, “What do you mean ‘acting atrociously’?! I’m telling the truth! Gorgeous really looks familiar! Plus, his life really does lack…”

“Rebellious disciple, shut up!” Elder Gong was livid. Did this brat want to die?!

Elder Lei He didn’t expect the d*mn girl, Ye Wanwan, would court her own death. He gleefully commented in a schadenfreude manner, “Elder Gong, is this how you teach your disciples? This is a true eye-opener for me!”

This girl actually dared to disrespect Lord Asura in public today! The entire mercenary academy couldn’t save her, let alone mere Elder Gong!

Lei He’s mood brightened immensely and he took the opportunity to say, “Lord Asura, the academy has its rules. This girl acted presumptuously and caused trouble today, so she has no one to blame but herself. You can punish her however you wish; our Scarlet Flames Academy absolutely won’t shelter her!”

Elder Gong’s expression shifted instantly. He wanted to say something but couldn’t find anything to refute Lei He.

Poking the hornet’s nest like that—even the academy couldn’t save her…

“Esteemed Lord Asura… My disciple was thoughtless and didn’t mean to offend you… Please don’t take it to heart…”

Elder Gong himself didn’t know why he felt close to this girl ever since the first time he met her; his heart naturally ached when her life turned perilous after getting into severe trouble. Sweat soaked his body, and he anxiously pleaded on her behalf.

However, before he finished speaking, a soft, gentle chuckle was heard from the man next to him.

“Heh…” Ji Xiuran set down the cup lid and turned to the girl with a light chuckle.

Ye Wanwan’s ears twitched, and she was instantly attracted by this gentle tingling sound.

When she saw the speaker carefully, she was obviously dazed.

Ji Xiuran’s expression remained the same when he saw the little one’s dazed expression. He said with a soft smile, “Do you only find Lord Asura familiar-looking?”

Ye Wanwan was still in a daze.

“What about me?” Ji Xiuran continued.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes brightened and she intently stared at the man’s placid face which soothed her emotions like she was transported to a tranquil paradise. She reflexively nodded and replied, “F-familiar… Also familiar-looking…”

Lord Asura: “…”

Elder Lei He: “…”

Elder Gong: “…”

Everyone’s expressions: “…”

No one noticed how Lord Asura’s face chilled and darkened almost instantly.

Ji Xiuran cast his eyes down and he chuckled again. There wasn’t any displeasure on his face from being offended. He said to Lei He, “It was just a few words of jest after this student drank too much—no need to take it seriously.”

Ji Xiuran’s tone was relaxed, but his eyes exerted a pressure that didn’t allow for any refutation.

Elder Gong instantly relaxed when he saw Emperor Ji swooping in to save the day.

He almost forgot that it was Emperor Ji who made the recommendation for this child, so they were friends naturally. Thank goodness.

The coldly observing Nie Linglong shifted her gaze when she saw Ji Xiuran helping Ye Wanwan out of her predicament.

Ji Xiuran acted so intimately with this woman and helped her again and again. Did he discover this woman’s identity already?

However, didn’t Ji Xiuran dislike Worriless Nie and even went as far as breaking their engagement?

And how could Lei He relent? He turned to Lord Asura at once, hoping he would act.

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