Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1685 - Actually called Lord Asura “Gorgeous”

Chapter 1685: Actually called Lord Asura “Gorgeous”

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When Ye Wanwan finished speaking…

Lord Asura: “…”

Elder Lei He: “…”

Elder Gong: “…”

Ji Xiuran: “…”

The onlookers: “…”

An ugly eyesore and a heavenly god…

And this ugly eyesore confidently hit on the god, propping her chin in what she thought looked flirtatious…

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Especially since the man she was flirting with using such crude tactics was the super great Satan that everyone in the Independent State was terrified of and didn’t dare to look straight at…

This shock was simply…

During everyone’s flabbergasted state, Ye Wanwan winked at the man, her tone taking on the tone of a vagrant con woman. “Gorgeous, I’m quite talented at fortune-telling—do you want me to… tell your fortune for you?”

Lord Asura glanced at the intoxicated girl, the corners of his lips imperceptibly twitching.

When Ye Wanwan suddenly dashed to the VIP seats, everyone’s gazes curiously followed her.

When Elder Lei He admonished her, they thought Ye Wanwan wanted to provoke him and were marveling at Ye Wanwan’s gutsiness and were prepared to watch a good show…

When they saw this scene though, nearly everyone was stupefied.


What’s going on?

This… this ugly woman is hitting on Lord Asura?

We never expected this…! This woman isn’t just gutsy!!!

She probably wants to die, right?!

“Sh*t! What’s this ugly woman doing?”

“She’s dead, she’s dead! S-she… actually called Lord Asura ‘Gorgeous’? Though… this lord’s looks truly are…”

“Shut your mouth! Ye Wanwan is acting recklessly because she’s drunk, but do you also want to die?”

A fearful silence enveloped everyone as they watched this stunning scene, dumbstruck.

Upon seeing a lack of response from the gorgeous man, Ye Wanwan’s little hand started misbehaving and inappropriate grasped his bigger hand.


Everyone gasped in shock.

Lord Asura narrowed his eyes and stared at his hand in her grasp but didn’t pull away or look like he was about to erupt. Even his expression remained the same.

The onlookers were scared witless though. This was absolutely the calm before the storm!

Under everyone’s thunderstruck expressions, Lord Asura’s low voice rang out. “Oh? What fortune did you come up with?”

Near them, Ji Xiuran cast down his eyes and flicked the tea leaves in his cup with the cup lid.

A smile blossomed on Ye Wanwan’s face after she touched his hand enough. Only then did she reply, “It said that you, gorgeous… your life is lacking me!”

“Pft… hack hack hack hack…” Everyone choked.

Li Xin nearly coughed out his lungs. “D*mn… I couldn’t freaking tell… Classmate Ye Wanwan is not only good at martial arts… but also has ballsy guts…”

Li Hanfeng was also stupefied by this scene. He never expected his little junior sister to act so terrifying when she was drunk. Anxiousness overcame him.

What should he do?!

This was awful!

She could’ve provoked anyone else but just had to provoke Lord Asura…

Elder Gong finally couldn’t sit back anymore. His disciple got into such great trouble and he hastily stood up to apologize.

After all, Lord Asura was an honored guest invited by an elder.

“Please graciously pardon this child for acting atrociously in her drunken state, Lord Asura.”

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