Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1684 - Gorgeous, you look rather familiar

Chapter 1684: Gorgeous, you look rather familiar

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“Linglong, kill her,” Elder Lei He said.

Nie Linglong shook her head though. “I’m uninterested in her life.”

She had to leave this woman for the president of the Martial Arts Union.

Lei He deliberated the matter for a moment before suddenly turning to the man next to him.

“Lord Asura.”

Lei He had business dealings with Lord Asura, so they did have a casual friendship as a result.

It would be unsuitable for him to attack Ye Wanwan himself due to a conflict of interests, but Lord Asura could…

“Speak,” the man apathetically responded.

“Lord Asura, help me kill that woman. For you, it should just be a lift of your hand.”

At that same moment, Ye Wanwan suddenly caught sight of the frosty man sitting next to Lei He.

Ye Wanwan’s expression froze and she couldn’t look away at all.

Beau… beauty…

In the next second, the girl jumped off the stage like a flicker of a shadow and landed in front of them.

Elder Lei He was taken aback when he noticed a figure jumping in front of them.

When he saw that Ye Wanwan was the newcomer, his face chilled instantly. “Classmate Ye, do you need something?”

An imperceptible ripple shifted in Lord Asura’s icy pit eyes when he saw the girl jumping precisely toward him.

Meanwhile, Ji Xiuran’s hand paused in his grip of his teacup, and his gentle eyes followed the girl.

Ye Wanwan’s eyeballs were about to be glued onto the man in his black, restrictive vintage suit, so she completely ignored Lei He. She shot forward a step and stopped in front of the man who captured her eyes thoroughly.

The man was evidently dressed like an ancient prudish noble from ancient Germany and emitted a chilly aura that deterred every living being, but Ye Wanwan inexplicably felt like he was akin to a giant magnet that compelled her to approach him…

Ye Wanwan’s gaze trailed from the obsidian on his sleeves, up his arm to the first button on his collar, passing by his neck before arriving at the source of her attraction… his bewitching face…

Contours that even the most talented sculptors in the world couldn’t carve, brows that looked naturally imposing, a nose with a tall and slender bridge, lips thin and sexy… and his eyes—his eyes especially…

They were like snowy peaks shrouded by fog after a rain shower. They were icy, sacred, and holy. They made her want to tarnish them.

His face was the only thing left on Ye Wanwan’s mind, which was already dazed from the effects of alcohol.

Lei He’s expression worsened upon Ye Wanwan overlooking him. He said again, “Insolence! What do you want to do, b*stard? Admit to your guilt this instant!”

This gutsy student merely won a few matches, but she dared to overlook him simply because she had Gong’s support?

Ye Wanwan waved her hand at Lei He like she was batting a fly before supporting her hand on the table in front of this attractive man with a thump.

With her elbow leaning against the table, the girl propped her chin on her palm, and she smiled at the man, her smile akin to a mountain of peach blossoms blooming overnight. She gently asked, “Gorgeous, you look rather familiar… May I ask if we’ve met somewhere before?”

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