Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1683 - Provoked this kind of psycho

Chapter 1683: Provoked this kind of psycho

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The referee quickly sprang onto the stage and harshly shouted while pointing at Ye Wanwan. “I’ve already clearly stated the rules of the match to you: The match ends when a result is reached. Quickly surrender yourself for killing your schoolmate!”

Ye Wanwan looked at the referee, her brows furrowing together. “Ugly old fart, who are you talking to?”

The referee was startled. This woman called me ugly?!

Who gave you the courage?

Before calling someone ugly, can you look at the mirror yourself first?!

“Insolence!” The referee shouted and made to capture Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan lifted her right leg. Like a water dragon shooting out from the ocean, she was extremely fast. All the audience witnessed was a shadow flickering and wind whipping.

Boom! Ye Wanwan kicked the referee’s lower body, sending him flying back and falling off the stage.

“Ah… you…”

The referee clutched his crotch, sweat dripping from his forehead. This woman is too freaking malicious…!

As people say, don’t hit people in the face and don’t kick people in the…

“Tut, truly too weak… Not a single person is good at fighting… Blah!” Ye Wanwan shook her head and swept her eyes over the venue. “Can I have some stronger opponents?”

Ye Wanwan turned to the Top 10’s seats and suddenly smiled. “All of you… come down…”

The experts all looked at each other but not a single person moved.

In the VIP seats, Jian Hu looked at Elder Gong and anxiously asked, “Master, did Junior Sister go mad? Attacking anyone she sees. Will she turn red with murder later and come down to kill us…?”

Elder Gong didn’t respond, but worry surfaced in his eyes.

Ye Wanwan was evidently drunk to her bones.

She even got into great trouble in her inebriated state. He already warned her before to not drink alcohol as a mercenary since drinking would lead to trouble. She didn’t listen at all though and even carried a liquor gourd on her!

Underneath the stage, Zhang Da and Zhang Zuonian met each other’s eyes, their hearts beating faster.

Zhang Zuonian was especially drenched in sweat by this point.

He never would’ve expected Ye Wanwan to be a monster from head to toe. She not only seriously injured an S-rank expert like Meng Ke but also killed someone like Meng Tian without any scruples or mercy.

He actually provoked this kind of psycho back then!

Thankfully, he was only a C-rank mercenary, so Ye Wanwan probably looked down on him or else this psycho probably would’ve killed him a long time ago, right?!

“Drill this into your head: Never provoke her from now on! If you provoke her, don’t drag me down with you!” Zhang Da viciously ordered while looking at Zhang Zuonian.

“Heh.. Will she have the chance? She did kill Meng Tian, after all,” Zhang Zuonian snorted.

Moreover, so what if Ye Wanwan was strong like a psycho?! Zhang Zounian was under Senior Brother Grim Reaper’s protection, along with many veteran S+-rank mercenaries, and had a good relationship with many SS-rank mercenaries.

When an S-rank mercenary like Meng Tian encountered S+-rank and top-tier S-rank mercenaries, he wasn’t worthy of even holding their shoes for them.

Even if Ye Wanwan didn’t die, she wouldn’t end up well after Elder Lei He’s eldest disciple returned!

After all, Elder Lei He’s eldest disciple was an SS-rank mercenary!

In the VIP seats, Nie Linglong expressionlessly stared at Ye Wanwan.

“Ye Wanwan…” Nie Linglong murmured, a derisive smile turning up on her face.

It appeared Worriless Nie’s martial strength recovered whenever she drank alcohol.

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