Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1687 - Want to purge his own sect

Chapter 1687: Want to purge his own sect

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“Lord Asura… what I just said…”

The man aloofly glanced at Lei He before turning to the girl in front of him. He nonchalantly asked, “Oh? You only find me familiar looking?”

Elder Lei He: “…”

Lei He thought Lord Asura was going to unleash his wrath but was confronted with this line instead. He instantly froze in astonishment.

What did this mean…?

Lord Asura was publicly humiliated by this ugly girl but didn’t look like he was enraged at all… He even asked such a provocative question…?

Was there something going on between these two?

Elder Lei He peered at Ye Wanwan’s frightening face from the corner of his eyes and instantly dispelled his suspicion.

Meanwhile, Ye Wanwan’s head swiveled back toward Lord Asura with a swish. “Hm…”

He… he seemingly wasn’t just familiar-looking…

Ye Wanwan stared at Lord Asura for half a day before a realization dawned on her. “Hey, gorgeous… aren’t you my boyfriend?”

Lord Asura: “…”

Ji Xiuran: “…”

Elder Lei He: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Elder Lei He, Elder Gong, and all the students beneath the stage all looked like they were watching a train wreck.

Even if she’s driven by lust and couldn’t prevent herself from brazenly hitting on Lord Asura and Emperor Ji, she should at least take a look at herself in the mirror!

Seriously! Our eyes are about to go blind!

Elder Gong was too ashamed to even apologize now; he wanted to purge his own sect himself.

Thankfully, before Ye Wanwan could say anything more frightening, Li Hanfeng pounced on his junior sister to take her away.

“Lord Asura, Emperor Ji, sorry, sorry! Little Junior Sister is drunk!”

Li Hanfeng frantically apologized and hastily dragged her away.

After Li Hanfeng pulled her from the VIP seats, he wanted to make her rest below the stage, but Ye Wanwan climbed onto the stage again, taking him by surprise.

Li Hanfeng frowned, but he wasn’t in a position to say anything.

“What an eyesore. Go away.”

Ye Wanwan saw Meng Tian’s corpse on the stage and kicked it off, eliciting many exclamations from the audience.

Moments later, members of the enforcement council arrived.

An elder of the enforcement council already heard about Ye Wanwan’s actions in the martial competition. Her behavior was truly vile and unpardonable.

“Elder Enforcer, seize this fiend already!” Lei He said as he immediately stood up upon seeing the elder.

The elder from the enforcement council glanced at Lei He before turning to Ye Wanwan.

Next to the elder enforcer’s feet, Meng Tian’s corpse still retained some warmth.

Meng Ke had fled from the stage earlier but still hadn’t recovered from her fright.

“What happened?” the elder enforcer asked.

Although the elder heard a brief account of the matter, he wasn’t present himself, so he didn’t know the whole story yet.

“This is what happened…”

Several high-ranking mercenaries went forward and reiterated the whole story to the elder enforcer.

“Understood.” The elder enforcer nodded, glanced at the enforcers next to him, and indifferently ordered, “Take her away.”

The enforcers nodded and walked onto the stage, cautiously surrounding Ye Wanwan.

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