Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1679 - Drink a gulp of good ol’ alcohol

Chapter 1679: Drink a gulp of good ol’ alcohol

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“I get it… Ye Wanwan probably knew she would lose without any doubt, but it wouldn’t be good to surrender as Elder Gong’s disciple upon encountering Elder Lei He’s disciple. Hence, since she was going to lose anyway, it would be better to have a one versus two so that she could claim Elder Lei He’s disciples fought against her in a pair if she really lost. This way, not only would she not humiliate herself if the fight was publicized, but she would also look good!”

“That’s reasonable. However, Ye Wanwan’s a D-rank mercenary anyway, so it’s reasonable for her to lose to an S-rank mercenary, no…?”

As the audience conversed, Meng Ke derisively glanced at Ye Wanwan. “With this tiny strength, who gave you the courage to act so insolently in front of me? Every single one of Elder Gong’s disciples is truly a disappointment… Worriless Nie’s records were all broken by Senior Sister Linglong. As for the remaining disciples, they’re either beaten to death or seriously injured… Heh, how pitiful.”

“Is that so?” Ye Wanwan stared at Meng Ke, a chilly glint flashing through her eyes. Then she picked up her gourd in front of everyone.

Everyone was bewildered by her strange move.

“Contestant #8, I would like to remind you that you can’t use concealed weapons in this martial competition; that includes poison, sulfuric acid, and poisonous powder!” the referee harshly yelled at her from beneath the stage.

The referee believed Ye Wanwan’s gourd might be some hidden mechanism. What if it was a poisonous powder or sulfuric acid…

“…” What a wild imagination…

Ye Wanwan ignored the referee and placed the gourd by her mouth. In a breath, she finished half of the high-alcohol-content cocktail.

“What’s she doing…? Is she drinking? What’s she planning?”

“Hahaha, is she about to use the Drunken Fists…?”

“The saying is right—alcohol emboldens the cowardly!”

Lord Asura involuntarily locked his brows together upon seeing Ye Wanwan drink the alcohol…

“Wanwan, why are you suddenly drinking on the stage?!” Elder Gong shouted at her.

Earlier, Ye Wanwan had asked him for strong liquor but was sternly rejected by him. He also warned her to always keep a clear mind as a mercenary and that alcohol could fog the mind.

However, Elder Gong didn’t expect Ye Wanwan’s alcohol addiction to be this severe. She was even in the mood to drink at a time like this!

Soon, everyone watched as Ye Wanwan sat down on the stage with slightly flushed cheeks. She propped her chin up with her right hand and revealed a bewitching smile every now and then.

She is… drunk?!

“Referee, end the match,” Elder Gong shouted at the referee.

“We can’t. The martial competition’s rules don’t clearly state that drinking alcohol isn’t permitted. There also isn’t a rule that states an intoxicated person can’t compete unless contestant #8 admits defeat herself.” The referee shook his head.

This type of large-scale competition had to strictly follow the rules, so the audience couldn’t forcefully surrender on a contestant’s behalf.

“Heh… a performative clown.”

Meng Tian mocked with his arms crossed after a glance at Ye Wanwan, who was sitting on the stage after getting drunk.

“How boring.”

Meng Ke strode toward Ye Wanwan.

The referee clearly stated earlier that the match would end when the winner was evident, so she had to kill Ye Wanwan with one blow if she wanted to make Ye Wanwan die on the stage.

“Goodbye, clown.”

Meng Ke stopped next to Ye Wanwan and snorted before putting all her strength behind her palm and slapping Ye Wanwan’s fatal point.

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