Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1678 - Can’t use force

Chapter 1678: Can’t use force

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However, if she drank alcohol only to have a match with Meng Ke, it seemed too wasteful. It would be better to wipe them all out at once.

“Alright.” The referee nodded and turned to Meng Tian. “Meng Tian, come down and accept the challenge. You aren’t permitted to reject contestant #8.”

“Heh… interesting…” Meng Tian’s lips turned up in a bone-chilling smirk.

A second later, Meng Tian jumped down from his seat in the Top 10 and leaped onto the stage.

“I would like to remind everyone that the match will end when a winner is clear. If anything happens against the rules, you’re responsible for the consequences.” The referee then left the stage.

Only three people remained standing on the enormous stage.

“Junior Sister Meng Ke, how about I stay on the side and watch the fight?” Meng Tian suggested to her with a smile.

“That’s exactly as I intended. Don’t attack, Senior Brother Meng Tian—allow me.” Meng Ke proceeded to march toward Ye Wanwan with a frosty expression.

Ye Wanwan gently placed her right hand on the gourd hanging from her waist.

However, she released it after a moment of thought. There was no hurry to drink alcohol. She could test the distance between herself and these supposed S-rank mercenaries first.


In the blink of an eye, Meng Ke struck with her palm, her hand slashing through the air like the arc of a sunray, soft but vicious.

There was enormous strength behind this strike. Normal mercenaries would be seriously injured at the very least if they were hit and escaped the fate of dying.

“How fast…”

Ye Wanwan was slightly surprised. Meng Ke was worthy of being an S-rank mercenary. Whether it was her strength or speed, they were both nearly perfect.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t move from her position on the stage. In her eyes, Meng Ke’s speed was slowed down infinitely, and the tracks of her movements became clear.

In the VIP seats, Lord Asura’s icy gaze remained glued to the girl’s figure. The second Meng Ke attacked, Lord Asura stood up imperceptibly, as though he was prepared to stop this match at any time. His actions happened to be caught by Ji Xiuran.


An ear-shattering explosion blasted from the stage.

Ye Wanwan instinctively retaliated with the Merciful Palm move.

Currently speaking, Ye Wanwan’s strongest offense was remaining passive and waiting for an attack. Despite knowing the magnificent technique Merciful Palm, it wouldn’t have much power if she attacked of her own accord.

A second later, Ye Wanwan and Meng Ke’s palms clashed, and a mystical energy shot from Ye Wanwan’s palm, dissipating a portion of Meng Ke’s strength.

“Heh. You?” Meng Ke snorted and fiercely pushed her right arm forward.

An immense force enveloped Ye Wanwan.

Everyone watched as Ye Wanwan’s figure swiftly retreated backward.

The superior one was evident.

After steadying herself, Ye Wanwan gathered her thoughts. She could make do with handling an A-rank mercenary on her own, but it was completely unrealistic to defeat a true S-rank mercenary without drinking alcohol.

Jiang Yan was a bit confused by this scene. He didn’t mistake that ugly woman, right… She should be that vixen, the president of the Fearless Alliance, no…? Yet Bro Flattop couldn’t defeat Meng Ke???

“Hahaha, what’s Ye Wanwan thinking?! She can’t even defeat Meng Ke but wants to fight both Meng Ke and Meng Tian together? I seriously can’t understand her logic.”

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