Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1677 - End the match at any time

Chapter 1677: End the match at any time

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Everyone at the rear mountain turned to look at Ye Wanwan with surprise and incomprehension written all over their faces.

It had to be said that it was already unfathomable that Ye Wanwan participated in this year’s martial competition, managed to make it to this point and won 27 matches in a row. Furthermore, the number of A-rank mercenaries defeated by her was almost a miracle.

To other people, Ye Wanwan’s strength probably reached middle-tier A-rank mercenary level, but it was rather improbable for her to beat these top-tier A-rank mercenaries.

After encountering Elder Lei He’s disciple, Meng Ke, Ye Wanwan’s smartest choice would’ve been to concede defeat immediately.

No one found anything wrong with conceding defeat. What they couldn’t understand was Ye Wanwan’s extremely illogical desire to proceed with the match *and* challenge Meng Tian along with Meng Ke, engaging in a one versus two match. This had never happened before in the history of Scarlet Flames Academy’s martial competition.

At that moment, Elder Gong had a deep frown on his face. He couldn’t understand Ye Wanwan’s actions. Did she want to avenge her second senior brother, Jian Hu?

Even if she wanted to seek revenge, she should do what was within her capabilities instead of barging on ahead despite knowing she couldn’t. That would make her look rather foolish.

Moreover, Meng Ke was brimming with hostility toward Ye Wanwan, so she definitely wouldn’t be merciful.

“Wanwan, don’t be reckless!” Elder Gong suddenly stood up and shouted at Ye Wanwan.

Even if it meant losing face, Elder Gong didn’t want to see anything bad happening to his disciple on the stage.

Emperor Ji stared at Ye Wanwan pensively.

With Ye Wanwan’s strength, dismantling every move as it came was her strong point, and she could use Merciful Palm to ingeniously win when she encountered normal A-rank mercenaries, but… when she encountered S-rank mercenaries and chose to engage in a 1v2…

Based on his knowledge of Ye Wanwan, she wasn’t a rash person and most likely wouldn’t do something like this unless she was confident.

Nearby, Lord Asura glanced at Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan understood and walked to his side.

Lord Asura whispered something to him.

“What…?” Jiang Yan looked surprised and baffled.

His master actually wanted him to be ready to interfere with this match at any time…?

What did this mean…?

However, since his master made the command, it wasn’t appropriate for him to question it, so he could only nod and agree.

Only then did Nie Linglong, who had been resting her eyes, finally open her eyes and coldly examine Ye Wanwan.

On the stage, Ye Wanwan ignored Elder Gong’s advice and aloofly looked at Meng Tian.

“Hahahaha…” Meng Tian acted like he’d heard the funniest joke. “You don’t have the right to challenge me.”

Ye Wanwan merely turned to the referee. “The Top 10 seats were intended to be challenged to begin with, so can Meng Tian decline a challenge, referee?”

The referee considered it for a moment before promptly shaking his head. “According to the competition’s rules, Meng Ke doesn’t have the power to decline a challenge. However, contestant #8 Ye Wanwan, I have to remind you that Meng Tian is ranked fifth in the Top 10 while Meng Ke is eighth, and you’re in tenth place. Even if you challenge Meng Ke and Meng Tian at the same time and win, you can only replace Meng Tian at most and replace him at fifth place.”

“That’s enough.” Ye Wanwan nodded. She didn’t value the rankings too much.

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