Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1676 - Attack me together

Chapter 1676: Attack me together

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When the sun was descending in the west, only the top 10 mercenaries remained.

Nine were S-rank while one was D-rank.

“Holy h*ll… A D-rank mercenary won 27 matches in a row!”

“Back then, the first record that Senior Sister Nie Linglong established was only 28 rounds…”

“This is the end, though. That Ye Wanwan hasn’t encountered a single S-rank mercenary yet.”

“Hmph, a lot of strong veteran S-rank mercenaries didn’t participate in this year’s competition. Mercenaries from Senior Brother Grim Reaper’s year didn’t even come… Otherwise, how could she have entered the Top 10?!”

“#8 Ye Wanwan and #2 Meng Ke!” the referee shortly announced.

Silence descended on the venue; it was so quiet the drop of a needle could be heard.

Meng Ke coldly walked onto the stage.

“Junior Sister Meng Ke, remember to be merciful,” Meng Tian mocked from the seats for the Top 10.

“Senior Brother, I’ll try,” Meng Ke replied aloofly.

On the stage, Ye Wanwan looked at Meng Ke before turning to Meng Tian sitting with the other Top 10.

“Hold on!” Ye Wanwan called out suddenly.

Everyone turned to her.

Was she about to concede defeat?!

That would be understandable since Ye Wanwan was Elder Gong’s disciple, so Elder Lei He’s disciples wouldn’t be merciful when they ran into her.

Elder Gong nodded with satisfaction. Being able to enter the Top 10 was quite nice already. Even if Ye Wanwan knew Merciful Palm, she still wasn’t a match for Meng Ke, so conceding defeat was logical. It was also a type of tactic.

Meng Ke glanced at Ye Wanwan.

She couldn’t stop Ye Wanwan if she wanted to concede defeat. This woman wasn’t dim-witted, after all.

Lord Asura’s expressionless gaze landed on Ye Wanwan.

“Contestant #8, what do you want?” the referee inquired as he quickly walked onto the stage.

“I feel like this type of match is meaningless,” Ye Wanwan said to the referee.


Everyone looked bewildered.

What did she mean by meaningless…?

“She’s probably unhappy about having to surrender, so she’s probably trying to gain the upper hand verbally first… There’s no helping it. This junior sister is really strong already though. She’s the first D-rank mercenary in the history of Scarlet Flames Academy’s martial competition to enter the Top 10!”

“Surrendering is the smart choice since she encountered an S-rank mercenary like Meng Ke, who’s also Elder Lei He’s disciple. Enemies have to clash inevitably; I heard Ye Wanwan is Elder Gong’s disciple in-name.”

On the stage, the referee frowned and asked, “What do you want?”

“On top of Meng Ke”—Ye Wanwan turned to the Top 10 and raised her right arm, pointing at Meng Tian with her pointer finger—”I want to challenge him too.”


The referee was astonished. She wanted to challenge Meng Tian on top of Meng Ke?!

“Are you saying you want to compete with Meng Tian afterward if you win your match against Meng Ke?” the referee asked with uncertainty.

“I’m saying…” Ye Wanwan shook her head. “I want Meng Ke and Meng Tian to attack me together!”

An uproar reverberated throughout the venue.

Elder Gong was surprised himself. Did his disciple go insane?!

“D*mn… Where did Ye Wanwan get this confidence?!”

“She must’ve gone mad, right?!”

“She wants to challenge two S-rank mercenaries, Meng Tian and Meng Ke, at the same time?! Like 1v2?”

“What kind of joke is this? Meng Tian is a whole level stronger than Meng Ke, alright? But she wants to challenge the two of them by herself?!”

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