Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1675 - Win all 27 matches

Chapter 1675: Win all 27 matches

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The referee announced Second Senior Brother and Lei He’s second disciple’s names.

“Jian Hu, be careful,” Elder Gong warned.

“Master, don’t worry!” Jian Hu nodded and swiftly went on to the stage.

The competition finally welcomed the clash of two S-rank mercenaries. Furthermore, one was Elder Gong’s second disciple while the other was Elder Lei He’s second disciple.

Several years ago, it was on this same stage that one of Elder Gong’s more favored disciples was forcefully beaten to death by Elder Lei He’s eldest disciple.

This was going to be a dramatic match.

“Heh, Jian Hu, I’m in a good mood today, so how about I cripple one of your legs?” Meng Tian glanced at him.

“F*ck off!” Jian Hu shouted angrily and swung his fist toward Meng Tian.

However, Meng Tian was extremely fast, and Jian Hu’s fist didn’t meet its target.

Jian Hu possessed immense strength, and any S-rank mercenary would be seriously injured for certain if they got punched by Jian Hu; Meng Tian was no exception.

However, Meng Tian was very clever and didn’t give Jian Hu any chance to approach him. Instead, he put distance between them and madly exhausted Jian Hu’s strength.

In the VIP seats, Ye Wanwan frowned deeply.

Second Senior Brother Jian Hu had a straightforward personality and couldn’t withstand provocation. Meng Tian started leading him by his nose easily…

Elder Gong previously mentioned that Second Senior Brother hadn’t graduated yet precisely because of this flaw in his personality. He got hot-headed easily, so he kept failing Scarlet Flames’ graduation examination.

From the looks of it, it was exactly as Elder Gong said. Otherwise, Meng Tian wouldn’t be a match for Jian Hu.

Jian Hu and Meng Tian’s match lasted dozens of rounds. While Meng Tian didn’t exhaust much of his stamina, Jian Hu was breathing heavily already and drained too much stamina.


Suddenly, Meng Tian found an opening and viciously kicked Jian Hu in his left kneecap.

Sweat drenched Jian Hu’s forehead and the color drained from his face. He roared and used his elbow to slam into Meng Tian’s face.

Ye Wanwan didn’t doubt that Meng Tian’s head would crack if Jian Hu’s attack landed on its mark.

This kind of frightening strength was truly astonishing. Ye Wanwan had never seen anyone possessing strength as great as Jian Hu!

Unfortunately, Meng Ke was incredibly nimble, and his martial strength was a level higher than Jian Hu’s!

“Hahaha, are Elder Gong’s disciples all a heap of trash?” Meng Tian snorted and dodged Jian Hu’s fatal blow. At the same time, he heavily struck at Jian Hu’s kneecap again.

Jian Hu’s left leg sustained serious damage, causing him to stagger backward.

“Where are you running?” Meng Tian smirked and unleashed his full power upon seeing Jian Hu’s stamina drained.

Within a few breaths, Jian Hu was knocked to the ground.

Meng Tian instantly stepped on Jian Hu’s stomach and remarked, “Tsk tsk, how pitiful.”

“Meng Tian wins!”

The referee immediately made the announcement when the winner was evident.

Although Jian Hu was reluctant, he had no choice but to allow himself to be carried to the infirmary.

“Master… I…”

On the stretcher, Jian Hu looked at Elder Gong with his fists clenched, wanting to say something.

“Get treated first!” Elder Gong ordered with a frown.

“There’s still a wide distance between Elder Gong’s disciple and Elder Lei He’s disciple…”

“It’s not unreasonable that Elder Lei He has been suppressing Elder Gong all these years.”

Many higher-ups and mercenaries chimed in with their thoughts.

Soon, it was Ye Wanwan’s turn again.

At the end of the day, Ye Wanwan fought 27 matches and won them all, successfully entering the finals.

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