Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1674 - Enemies inevitably clashed

Chapter 1674: Enemies inevitably clashed

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“Haha, that D-rank mercenary has used up all her luck!”

“Encountering the A-ranked Yun Feng, tsk tsk, this luck is…”

Numerous mercenaries burst into laughter beneath the stage.


As expected of an A-rank mercenary, Yun Feng didn’t waste any words and launched an attack.

Ye Wanwan instantly entered a subconscious state and Yun Feng’s lightning-fast move slowed down in her vision.


Ye Wanwan gathered all her strength into her palm and struck him with the weight of mountains.

“Elder Gong’s Merciful Palm?!”

Upon sensing the power behind Ye Wanwan’s palm, Yun Feng couldn’t avoid being stunned despite being an A-rank mercenary.

Merciful Palm was a secret technique created by Elder Gong and was never passed on to outsiders!


A giant noise rang as their hands clashed together.

In the next second, Yun Feng couldn’t keep his balance and retreated several steps with a deep frown.

The audience was stunned.

The higher-ups turned to Ye Wanwan especially.

The mercenaries who thought Ye Wanwan used up all her luck felt their smiles freezing on their faces.

The A-rank mercenary, Yun Feng, was repelled by that D-rank mercenary?!

Next to Lei He, Meng Ke’s lips curled up. “No wonder she had the guts to participate—it turns out she knows Elder Gong’s Merciful Palm. Now it makes sense why Elder Gong accepted a D-rank mercenary as a disciple. He probably came into contact with her a long time ago and taught her his Merciful Palm years ago.”

This was good though. If Ye Wanwan was defeated, how would she torment and kill Ye Wanwan on the stage?

Nie Linglong kept her eyes closed the whole time, as though she was completely uninterested in the ongoing match.


On the other end of the VIP seats, Elder Gong abruptly stood up and stared at Ye Wanwan, astonished.

“Master, your Merciful Palm… It’s only been two days…” Second Senior Brother Jian Hu exclaimed in surprise.

Ji Xiuran smiled but didn’t say anything.

It appeared his decision to send Ye Wanwan to Scarlet Flames Academy was correct… He wanted Worriless Nie’s memories to slowly recover and awaken.

“How’s this possible…?” Elder Gong was incredulous.

A mere two days, yet Ye Wanwan mastered his Merciful Palm in its original form. Meanwhile, Elder Gong originally designated three whole years for her to learn it…

Even Worriless Nie back then took an entire year to completely master the Merciful Palm.

Worriless Nie took a year, but this disciple of his, Ye Wanwan… she took two days…

Elder Gong was stupefied.


Another loud bang rang on the stage, and sweat drenched Yun Feng’s forehead.

The Merciful Palm utilized both offense and defense, so he couldn’t get close to her at all.

Alas, Yun Feng gritted his teeth. He couldn’t unravel the Merciful Palm at all, so he was forced to cup his fist and announce, “Junior Sister Ye is fearsome; I admit defeat.”

A commotion erupted in the audience following his words.

An A-rank mercenary actually conceded to a D-rank mercenary…

After the referee announced the results, he drew Ye Wanwan again before she could leave. Her opponent was a B-rank mercenary.


The B-rank mercenary looked at Ye Wanwan, embarrassed. “Why am I so unlucky… Even Yun Feng admitted defeat… how could I win?!

He didn’t give Ye Wanwan a chance to respond before vehemently shaking his head. “You’re awesome—I concede!”

After saying that, he left the stage without looking back.

“#4 Jian Hu and #10 Meng Tian.”

Jian Hu—Elder Gong’s second disciple.

Meng Tian—Elder Lei He’s second disciple.

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