Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1673 - Here comes the legend

Chapter 1673: Here comes the legend

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A heavy crash sounded as Hong Yun dropped onto the ground.

“Thank you for letting me win.”

Ye glanced at Hong Yun before looking away, disinclined to engage her any further.


Hong Yun looked up at the indifferent Ye Wanwan, fuming with rage. A mere D-rank mercenary…!!!

“Hahaha, satisfying!” Li Xin clapped joyfully. “Those bullsh*t C-rank mercenaries—try looking down on us D-rank mercenaries now! Bleh!”

Standing next to Li Xin, the D-rank mercenaries from the same dorm as them all nodded in agreement.

“After completing two A-rank missions, Boss Wanwan’s honor points should be enough for her to be promoted to a B-rank mercenary, right?”

“Of course! She’s at least a peak B-rank, maybe even an A-rank mercenary! I’m guessing my Sis Wan doesn’t know how to be promoted or the purpose of honor points. She’s truly my Sis Wan, my real sister… Truly willful!” Li Xin replied with a nod.

Several D-rank mercenaries glanced at Li Xin.

They had seen shameless before but had never seen someone this shameless… Even claiming she was his real sister…

Dozens of matches later, it was noon, and the martial competition came to a break.

Ye Wanwan was only called up for two matches the entire morning and won both matches.

Elder Gong turned to Ye Wanwan and said, “After this, you won’t be so lucky anymore. All the C-rank mercenaries have been defeated, and you’re the only D-rank mercenary left in the entire competition. The rest are B-rank or above.”

In other words, Elder Gong was telling Ye Wanwan to quit while she was ahead and not be recklessly headstrong.

“I understand, Master,” Ye Wanwan replied with a nod.

What a joke—I still haven’t used the secret technique Elder Gong passed on to me… I mastered every twist to it already, so it’ll be a piece of cake to take on a B-rank mercenary!

It would be interesting to know how Elder Gong would feel if he learned that the disciple before him had mastered his secret technique already.

“Quick, look!” someone exclaimed in shock.

Everyone looked ahead of them.

A woman with an apathetic mannerism was leisurely walking toward the VIP seats next to Elder Lei He.

“D*mn… F*ck me… That woman is… Nie… Nie Linglong?!”

“Sh*t, Scarlet Flames Academy’s legend who created unbreakable records, Nie Linglong—Senior Sister Nie!!!”

“I didn’t expect Senior Sister Nie Linglong to also come!”

“Are you kidding me? Senior Sister Nie Linglong was once Elder Lei He’s disciple and a student at Scarlet Flames Academy, so of course she would attend such a formal competition!”

“Back then, the first time Senior Sister Nie Linglong participated in a martial competition, she won 28 rounds in a row without a single defeat! It wasn’t until she met Duan Feiyang in her 29th match that she admitted defeat of her own accord and obtained second place!”

“Senior Sister Nie hadn’t grown enough yet, so she wasn’t a match for Duan Feiyang. Now though, Duan Feiyang isn’t a match for Senior Sister Nie!”

Everyone was over the moon about Nie Linglong’s appearance and they looked at her with immense reverence.

Only Elder Gong retained his icy expression and didn’t even spare her a glance.

“#329 Yun Feng and #8 Ye Wanwan.”

Soon, the short break ended and the referee made an announcement again.

A shadow flitted through the air, and a man appeared on the stage.

Ye Wanwan also quickly walked up.

“Yun Feng, A-rank mercenary,” the man said to Ye Wanwan.

“Ye Wanwan, D-rank mercenary,” Ye Wanwan responded.

Aren’t I too unlucky? I didn’t encounter a single B-rank and I’m slammed with an A-rank immediately?!

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