Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1672 - Don’t be ungrateful for the face I’m giving you

Chapter 1672: Don’t be ungrateful for the face I’m giving you

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The martial competition had just begun, and he was the first to be defeated… and he lost so… humiliatingly…

“Thank you for letting me win,” Ye Wanwan said while cupping her fists and looking at the forlorn Li He.

“Who let you win… Hmph!” Li He harrumphed.

“…” Should a grown man act so haughty…?

After the match ended, Ye Wanwan left the stage to rest and the referee continued to draw lots, picking a B-rank and an A-rank mercenary.

The B-rank mercenary looked in despair. He originally wanted to test his luck but didn’t expect to face an A-rank mercenary so quickly.

Without any surprise, the B-rank was howling in pain a few minutes later; he was no match for the A-rank mercenary.

Ye Wanwan observed the stage.

The stage was a perfect size.

As long as she didn’t have to take the initiative to attack, she could passively wait to be attacked before suppressing her opponent. Moreover, due to the size of the stage, she could easily toss her opponent off the stage and win using that method.

Even if she encountered an extremely formidable opponent… she could just admit defeat. If she really had to, she still had her liquor gourd.

Ye Wanwan wanted to avoid using alcohol as much as she could. After all, she did gain Worriless Nie’s martial strength when she was drunk but she also couldn’t control it. Who knew what she would do in her drunken state…? What if she jumped off the stage and beat up the referee…? Then she would become the laughing stock of Scarlet Flames Academy.

As she watched, she lost interest in other people’s matches.

Most of these mercenaries were weaker than Big Dipper and Seven Star, and Ye Wanwan had already gotten bored of watching Big Dipper and Seven Star fight since they had scuffles every three days and a bigger fight every five days.

So how could Ye Wanwan be interested in contestants weaker than Big Dipper and Seven Star?

“#165 Hong Yun and #8 Ye Wanwan,” the referee announced.

A woman in a yellow uniform immediately walked onto the stage.

Hearing her name called, Ye Wanwan also quickly walked up.

“These two mercenaries… One is a D-rank and the other is a C-rank. Heh, they’re both quite lucky.”

“I think Ye Wanwan is luckier, running into two C-rank mercenaries in a row.”

“D-rank and C-rank… Such a boring match…”

The majority of the mercenaries shook their heads in dismay upon seeing the two newest contestants, wishing nothing more than to leave immediately. There was nothing to watch.

“#165 Hong Yun, C-rank mercenary,” the woman expressionlessly said with a glance at Ye Wanwan.

“#8 Ye Wanwan, D-rank mercenary,” Ye Wanwan also said.

“I’m unwilling to attack a D-rank mercenary, so would you prefer to leave yourself or should I toss you off myself?” Hong Yun coldly asked her.

“Attack.” Ye Wanwan met her eyes.

The woman frowned slightly. “Ye Wanwan, don’t be ungrateful for the face I’m giving you. You’re a D-rank mercenary—did you really think you could win two matches in a row after winning one match?”

A chilly glint flashed through Hong Yun’s eyes, and she immediately reached for Ye Wanwan.

However, as soon as Hong Yun attacked, Ye Wanwan grabbed her arm.

Hong Yun’s expression shifted and before she could react, a mystical force shot out of Ye Wanwan’s hand.

A second later, Hong Yun lost her balance and she was sent flying back like a snipped kite by that mystical force.

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