Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1671 - You’re ruthless!

Chapter 1671: You’re ruthless!

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Typically speaking, only mercenary students B-rank or higher participated in Scarlet Flames Academy’s martial competition.

Of course, D-rank mercenaries weren’t restricted from participating, but most of them wouldn’t bring contempt upon themselves.

There were throngs of mercenaries around the stage.

Some of the mercenaries widened their eyes in shock when they saw Ye Wanwan entering the stage.

Several days ago, many mercenaries personally witnessed Ye Wanwan reporting the completion of two A-rank missions, but Scarlet Flames Academy was home to too many mercenaries, so the majority of them didn’t know about this matter and thought this D-rank mercenary only dared to participate in this kind of martial competition out of excessive ignorance.

In the honored guest seating area, Ji Xiuran was sitting next to Elder Gong, occasionally chatting with him, while Lord Asura unwaveringly watched Ye Wanwan walking toward the stage.

Soon, Ye Wanwan arrived on the stage.

“Number 11, Li He, C-rank mercenary.”

The man glanced at Ye Wanwan, his lips curling into a smirk.

Isn’t my luck too good? This is probably the only D-rank mercenary in the entire Scarlet Flames Academy who joined the martial competition this time and I ran into her. Isn’t this purely a free point for me…?

“Number eight, Ye Wanwan, D-rank mercenary,” Ye Wanwan greeted in return.

“Haha, your courage is truly commendable for having the guts to participate in this martial competition as a D-rank mercenary… Don’t worry though, I’ll be merciful.”

The man snickered before stepping forward and swiftly dashing toward Ye Wanwan.

C-rank mercenaries like him were naturally stronger than D-rank mercenaries, but there weren’t any substantial differences since they were only a rank apart.

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath and instantly gathered her thoughts.

Everything in her surroundings slowed down in her field of view.

She had possessed this ability since her time with the Si family in China. Back then, she thought she was a martial arts genius, but it appeared that her skills were probably the abilities she possessed as Worriless Nie before her memory was masked.

To other people, Ye Wanwan looked like a statue silently standing in a corner of the stage without a single movement. In contrast, #11 Li He was swiftly attacking her.

“That D-rank mercenary isn’t stupefied, right?”

A mercenary’s off-handed remark evoked rounds of laughter from the people around him.


A giant noise reverberated through the air.

Li He swung his fist upon reaching Ye Wanwan, but before anyone realized what had happened, the unmoving Ye Wanwan swiftly caught his extended arm and briskly tossed him from the stage.

“#11 Li He fell off the stage; #8 Ye Wanwan is the winner!”

The referee stood up at once and made the announcement to everyone.

“F*ck me!”

Li He rubbed his butt and looked like he ate shit as he stared at Ye Wanwan. A full-grown man like him was actually chucked off stage by a female D-rank mercenary?

Are my 180lbs of flesh pure decoration?!

“Fine, you’re ruthless! You purposefully stood there without moving and made me lower my guard…” Li He grievously pointed at Ye Wanwan. He toppled his boat in the sewer today…

This detestable D-rank mercenary! I shouldn’t have been so careless!

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