Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1670 - Ye Wanwan’s turn

Chapter 1670: Ye Wanwan’s turn

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“Scarlet Flames Academy invited us to watch; that’s all,” Ji Xiuran replied with a smile.

At that moment, Elder Lei He appeared with Meng Ke and other students in tow and walked toward Lord Asura.

“It’s my honor that Lord Asura came today,” Lei He greeted him with a faint smile.

“En,” Lord Asura uttered aloofly, allowing Lei He to sit beside him.

“Master, Ye is also participating,” Meng Ke coldly said, “Don’t worry, Master. Elder Gong will lose another disciple today! Ye Wanwan will be dealt with.”

Lei He nodded and turned to Lord Asura. “Excuse us, Lord Asura. Elder Gong recently accepted a disciple called Ye Wanwan. She provoked my disciple again and again, so I’m afraid my disciple won’t be merciful today.”

Lord Asura intently stared at Lei He, his eyes akin to the coldest day of winter. “Is that so?”

“If Lord Asura is interested, there’s no harm in watching the show together. How about it?” Lei He suggested.

“Alright.” Lord Asura looked away from him and returned to occasionally glancing at Ye Wanwan and Emperor Ji in the distance.

Both Lord Asura and Emperor Ji had business relationships with members of Scarlet Flames Academy. Today, it was Elder Gong who invited Ji Xiuran to watch while it was Lei He who invited Lord Asura.

Next to Lord Asura, Jiang Yan looked bewildered. How did that vixen become a student at Scarlet Flames Academy…? Although her makeup was incredibly ugly, he could recognize her eyes and mannerisms even if she turned into ashes!

Jiang Yan was a little confused but he didn’t say anything.

Instead, he started to look forward to the upcoming matches. Elder Lei He was extremely formidable and his disciples were fairly famous in the Independent State, so it would be immensely satisfying if they could teach that vixen a lesson and help him and his master get back at her!

“Wanwan, listen to Master. Do the best you can but don’t be stubbornly competitive and reckless. If you’re overpowered, you can admit defeat and yield!” Elder Gong vigilantly instructed Ye Wanwan.

“Master, I understand,” Ye Wanwan replied.

“Junior Sister, don’t worry. Second Senior Brother will watch over you. Second Senior Brother will shatter the head of whoever dares to fatally attack and bully you when the match is over!” a tall man with a buff build joked next to Elder Gong.

This strong man’s name was Jian Hu. He was Elder Gong’s second disciple and possessed the strength of a bull; he was famous for being vicious at Scarlet Flames Academy.

For some reason, Jian Hu had an inexplicable favorable impression of this little junior sister when he saw her, even though her face was a bit…

“Thank you, Second Senior Brother!” Ye Wanwan chuckled.

Although Ye Wanwan didn’t know this Second Senior Brother, she found him familiar. She was guessing she had a good relationship with Jian Hu when she was Worriless Nie or else she wouldn’t feel such familiarity and affection.

“Everyone, I’m the referee for this martial arts competition. The matches will end when a result is reached and the competitors will be determined by lottery,” an elderly man announced as he stood on the central stage.

After saying that, he drew two small balls from a closed box. A number was printed on each ball.

“Number 11, come onto the stage!”

A C-rank mercenary swiftly walked onto the stage.

“Number eight, come onto the stage!” the referee continued.

“Who’s number eight?!”

The referee knitted his brows at the lack of response.

“I… I’m number eight!”

Ye Wanwan suddenly answered and hastily walked onto the stage.

When the higher-ups and high-ranked mercenaries saw the gray-uniformed Ye Wanwan entering the stage, they all frowned.

Where did a D-rank mercenary get the guts to come here and join in on the fun?!

Even C-rank mercenaries rarely dared to participate in this kind of competition. Typically speaking, only students B-rank or higher participated.

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