Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1680 - Sweep across everyone unrivaled

Chapter 1680: Sweep across everyone unrivaled

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If this hit landed, it would be enough to shatter the head of a drunk person.

“Not good…”

The expressions of Li Xin and many other D-rank mercenaries from the same dorm as Ye Wanwan dove at this sight.

However, they only heard a loud “bang” ringing out.

Everyone was stupefied.

Ye Wanwan was still sitting with her left hand supporting her chin, but her right hand had grasped Meng Ke’s hand before the fatal blow landed.

Meng Ke furrowed her brows and wanted to fling Ye Wanwan’s right hand off, but no matter how hard she tried, Ye Wanwan’s hand was as unshakable as the jaw of a tiger.

Ye Wanwan released Meng Ke on her own, the momentum causing Meng Ke to stagger a few steps back.

“You’re dead!”

Meng Ke stepped forward and her hand shot forward like a rainstorm.



Despite the torrential storm of moves from Meng Ke, Ye Wanwan remained seated in her spot and casually waved her right hand as needed.

Meng Ke’s every move was easily dissembled by Ye Wanwan.

It was useless whether you were nimble as a butterfly or ferocious as a tiger.


Meng Ke’s expression shifted. What happened?!

Nobody else could understand the current situation.

“Hey… Are you done yet?” Ye Wanwan stared at Meng Ke mockingly.

“You’re dead!” Meng Ke shouted harshly and gathered all of her strength in her palm before striking Ye Wanwan as fast as lightning.


Everyone watched as Ye Wanwan nonchalantly raised her right arm and stuck her finger out.


This finger slashed across the air, the sound of the wind heard faintly.


A second later, Meng Ke’s face turned ashen as an anguished howl ripped out of her mouth, and she was flung back with a finger like a snipped kite.

The nearby Meng Tian agilely stepped forward and caught Meng Ke.

The boisterous crowd turned silent—a deadly silence.

Ye Wanwan managed to beat back Elder Lei He’s disciple, Meng Ke, with merely a finger…

“Drunken… Drunken Fist!” someone cried.

“D*mn… What kind of fist is Drunken Fist?! Could it really be Drunken Fist? How’s that possible…?”

An uproar suddenly swept through the crowd.

In the VIP seats, Elder Gong shot up and stared at Ye Wanwan incredulously.

She learned his Merciful Palm in two days and also managed to fend off Meng Ke with a finger…

“You two…” Ye Wanwan remained seated on the floor but hooked her middle finger toward Meng Ke and Meng Tian. “Attack me together.”

“Heh… You’re seriously in a hurry to reincarnate!”

Meng Tian’s lips curled up, and he twisted his neck before marching toward Ye Wanwan. Meanwhile, Meng Ke chose to use a different angle of approach, blocking all possible retreat routes.

Upon reaching Ye Wanwan, Meng Tian derisively snorted and was about to say something.


A shadow flickered, and the clueless Meng Tian was already spitting out a curtain of blood from his mouth before flying backward.

Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up, and she grabbed Meng Tian by his right leg, forcefully pulling him down.


Meng Tian crashed to the stage floor harshly.


The howl of a dying pig broke out of Meng Tian’s mouth.

Under everyone’s stunned eyes, Ye Wanwan stepped onto Meng Tian’s left arm and the sound of shattering bones rang out.

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