Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 167: Capsized

Chapter 167: Capsized

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Shen Meng Qi had managed her relationships well. After Song Zi Hang's confession, she didn't reply to him on the spot and only acknowledged their relationship in private but denied it completely in front of Zheng Bin, claiming that Song Zi Hang was harassing her.

Shen Meng Qi thought that she could fool everyone. Who knew that the two of them would bump into each other? When the two of them met, they confronted each other and were initially fooled by her acting but her lies were now exposed.

At this moment, the crowd watched as the two people fought. The information Song Zi Hang and Zheng Bin disclosed got more and more shocking, and the onlookers were flabbergasted.

"Damn, what a plot twist! So it was Shen Meng Qi who was seducing Song Zi Hang!"

"And now there's Zheng Bin involved! Oh my god! Was she two-timing? Shen Meng Qi actually had the both of them fooled!"

"What do you mean the both of them? She stole her best friend's boyfriend, two-timed and told endless lies! We were all fooled!"


"Zi Hang! That's enough! Aren't you embarrassed enough? You caused our Song family and yourself to be in this predicament just for this b****?! You! You..." Mrs Song gave her precious son a slap.

Mrs Song then grabbed Shen Meng Qi and slapped her twice, on her left and right cheeks. "Wretch! How dare you seduce a Song?!"

Song Zi Hang stood there, battered out of his senses as his cheeks burned. He was speechless and didn't react even when his mom slapped Shen Meng Qi.

He couldn't believe it!

He couldn't believe that the girl he'd always liked was this kind of person, toying with his feelings all this time and even dating another guy while she was cuddling with him.

As for him, in order to protect her reputation from being ruined, he was made a total fool...

"You b****! How dare you lie to me?! You actually dared to lie to me!" It was as if Song Zi Hang was suddenly awakened and he charged towards Shen Meng Qi like a madman.

"Ah... Zi Hang... Hear me out..." Shen Meng Qi was knocked out of breath from his tight grip and shouted in fear, "Zheng Bin... Zheng Bin, help me..."

Why would Zheng Bin save her? It was a blessing that he didn't join in and kick her. He was so angry that his eyes were red, "Shen Meng Qi! You're good... you're good... just because I couldn't give you what you wanted... I couldn't help you become a big star... you went to find another man... and even kept me in the dark this whole time...

I thought I was your true love and didn't dare to keep you from your studies. I didn't dare to tell anybody about our relationship but you used me as a spare tire! Other than Song Zi Hang, who else do you have in your trap?! How many other guys were you cheating on?!!!"

Hearing Zheng Bin's bellow of rage, everybody clicked their tongues in disapproval and looked at Shen Meng Qi's dishevelled hair and battered face without any sympathy for her.

"She deserves it! The boat's finally capsized this time [1]!"

"How could you not get your shoes wet if you keep walking by the river?!"

"What an eye-opener today! Innocent goddess of Qing He my a**, more like a scheming woman, a vixen!

"I didn't ... didn't... It's not like that..." Shen Meng Qi slumped onto the floor and shook her head vigorously, the comments around her cutting her like a knife.

All along, she was a good student in everyone's eyes and a goddess in every guy's heart. She had never received such menacing glares and horrible insults in her entire life.

Her mind was in a blur. She had no idea how things ended up this way and how she got into this state.


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[1]: "The boat has capsized this time", this is used as a metaphor to mean failure of something.

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