Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 166: Confrontation

Chapter 166: Confrontation

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"Of course, I've told him before but it was no use! How could you say that about me? If you don't believe me, then maybe we should just break up!"

"I... I... I believe you! Meng Qi, don't be mad! I just hate that Song Zi Hang keeps harassing you! He still wouldn't let go after finding out that you've got a boyfriend? This kind of person needs a beating--I'll see to that someday!"

"Don't be rash! He's Yan Ran's crush after all, and I don't want to make a big thing of it. Anyway, so what if he keeps harassing me? You're the one I love! You're my boyfriend, not him! Don't be mad anymore, alright?"

"Give me a kiss then..."


Following that was Shen Meng Qi and Zheng Bin's lovey-dovey talk, and Zheng Bin kept playing it out loud with pride.

"Turn it off! Turn it off now!" Shen Meng Qi nearly went berserk when she heard the recording and screamed as she stared at Zheng Bin, "Why?! Why did you record this?!"

Upon seeing Shen Meng Qi's reaction, Zheng Bin frowned and his face darkened, "Meng Qi, what's wrong? I can't let him bully you anymore! As for the recording, I've been recording every conversation we've had over the phone so I can hear your voice. I had to do this since you said that you want to focus on your studies so you can't go out on more dates with me..."

Shen Meng Qi stood there with her back stiffened. All she felt was the earth and sky spinning; she didn't dare to look at Song Zi Hang's face or the looks of all the witnesses.

When Ye Wanwan heard the recording, it was as if she gained confidence and she marched to Song Zi Hang triumphantly, "Scumbag! What do you have to say now?! I knew it, Meng Qi's such a nice and kind person--how could she be with you even after finding out that Yan Ran likes you?! So it was you, scumbag, who was driving a wedge between them! Meng Qi has a boyfriend and you still wouldn't let her go. You have no sense of shame!"

After Song Zi Hang heard that recording, he stood there in a daze like he'd been struck by lightning, his face in total disbelief.

And what Ye Wanwan just said jabbed him right in the heart.

Song Zi Hang was so mad that he was shaking. His face contorted in anger and his fury reached its peak. He gritted his teeth, his intense gaze directed at Shen Meng Qi, "Shen Meng Qi! I've been harassing you? I've forced you? I'm shameless?

When we were at the theme park before, who was the one who said she had feelings for me all along? Who was the one who said that her heart broke each time she saw me with Yan Ran? Who was the one who promised me that she'd be with me after we graduate?! Who was the one who made the move to kiss me? Damn it, since when have I ever forced you to do anything?!

Also, this guy! What's going on between you and him? You already accepted my confession the other day but you were still on the phone with him last night? And you said he's your boyfriend? What about me then?! What am I?"

Song Zi Hang tossed out a huge stack of photos from his bag and threw it at Shen Meng Qi's face.

Every single one was intimate photos of the two of them. Shen Meng Qi looked very sweet and didn't look like she was being forced at all.

Song Zi Hang grabbed Shen Meng Qi's wrist. There was a silver ring on her finger and it was a couple ring matching the one on his finger. "Forced? Her ring, her necklace and this entire outfit! I paid for all of it!"

Zheng Bin was dumbfounded, "This! This is impossible! I've been with Meng Qi for half a year!"

Following that, the two of them kept quarrelling, going back and forth with each other, thoroughly unmasking Shen Meng Qi's cover.


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