Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 165: Refusing to give up

Chapter 165: Refusing to give up

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Zheng Bin saw Shen Meng Qi's tear-stained face and became even more protective, refusing to leave, "I'm not going back! If I hadn't come, you'd be bullied to the death! I have to expose the true colours of this scumbag to everyone!"

The two guys were so aggravated, like a pair of roosters fighting. They were both unwilling to step back and Shen Meng Qi was completely unable to stop them; she could only watch as they fought in front of everybody.

Song Zi Hang yelled, "Tell me, what do you mean by my true colours?"

Zheng Bin didn't want to be outdone so he retorted, "You're a toad lusting after a swan. You knew Meng Qi had a boyfriend but you keep harassing her!"

"Ha! What a joke! Meng Qi's my girlfriend; how could I harass her? Are you insane? Meng Qi's boyfriend? Don't tell me you're talking about yourself!" Song Zi Hang sneered without a care for Zheng Bin's words. He simply treated him as one of Meng Qi's suitors who had come over to cause trouble out of jealousy.

Zheng Bin blurted in a fit of rage, "Yesterday, Meng Qi and I even spoke on the phone the entire night and she told me herself that you were harassing her!"

Shen Meng Qi's heart thumped and she quickly interrupted, "Stop fighting! There has to be some misunderstanding, can we talk about this in private? Stop making a show for everyone to see! Alright?"

Shen Meng Qi tried to persuade the two of them anxiously.

Upon seeing Shen Meng Qi's pleading gaze, Song Zi Hang and Zheng Bin hesitated.

Not far off, Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes. If she gave Shen Meng Qi some breathing space today, she was sure that Shen Meng Qi would be able to appease these two guys very quickly.

Thus, Ye Wanwan rushed out and pointed towards Song Zi Hang, burning with indignation and scolded him, "Well done, Song Zi Hang! I thought you were true to Meng Qi but who knew that you've been harassing and forcing her to be with you! How could you do that?! Do you think you're worthy of Yan Ran, worthy of Meng Qi? You're an a******!"

Song Zi Hang was aggravated again with Ye Wanwan annoying him, "Ugly freak, get out of my way! Don't try to act all smart in front of me! I've said it before, I didn't force Meng Qi to do anything! You can ask her if you don't believe me!"

Shen Meng Qi was so angry that she started to feel faint. She shot a look at Ye Wanwan and really wanted to kill her.

On the other side, Zheng Bin's fury arose as well, "Song Zi Hang! I guess you're not going to give up until you see the grave! You had Jiang Yan Ran on one hand and secretly hooked up with Meng Qi on the other. Meng Qi didn't embarrass you on the spot only because you were her classmate and also out of respect for Jiang Yan Ran. In the end, you took advantage of her kindness and harassed her every single day! Let me tell you, you don't have to ask Meng Qi! Listen to this yourself!"

Zheng Bin brought his phone out and tapped a few times. Suddenly, a conversation between a guy and a girl played on his phone.

"Meng Qi! What's going on between you and Song Zi Hang?!" This was Zheng Bin's voice.

"I've already said that I have nothing to do with him at all; he's the guy that Yan Ran likes, how could I be with him? It's just that he keeps harassing me and I can't do anything about it!" This familiar voice was obviously Shen Meng Qi's.

"Let's go public with our relationship then! Tell him and everyone else that I'm your boyfriend! He'll give up then!"

"No way, we can't go public. My parents are against me dating."

"Then why don't you tell Song Zi Hang that you have a boyfriend?! You're not even treating me like your boyfriend!"


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