Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 164: My woman

Chapter 164: My woman

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After she called Zheng Bin, Ye Wanwan glanced at the crowd and realised that more and more people were speaking up for Shen Meng Qi--most of them her admirers.

Seeing their goddess being hurt by a scumbag, these people were heartbroken and started scolding Song Zi Hang and his mother. They even pulled Jiang Yan Ran back into the picture and scolded her as well. It was as if the most innocent person was Shen Meng Qi.

Jiang Yan Ran looked coldly at Shen Meng Qi who had her beautiful little face covered in tears, looking very pitiful and begging for forgiveness. Then she turned to look at Song Zi Hang, who was criticising her non-stop. She closed her eyes tiredly, wanting to leave.

Ye Wanwan crept over to Jiang Yan Ran's side and lowered her voice, "Are you happy with this? Don't worry, there's more coming."

Jiang Yan Ran looked at Ye Wanwan blankly.

Ye Wanwan laughed lightly, "Do you remember what I promised you before?"

Jiang Yan Ran instinctively recalled what Ye Wanwan said to her by the lake.

She said, "Big Missy Jiang, do you want Song Zi Hang to fall madly in love with you? Want to reveal Shen Meng Qi’s true colours in front of everyone and ruin her reputation? Want to let Song Zi Hang see Shen Meng Qi’s true colours and regret not choosing you before?"

It was these words that kept her going when she was at her lowest point.

She wasn't sure what Ye Wanwan was planning but she knew that she'd definitely deliver on her promise.

At this moment, Mrs Song was tugging at Shen Meng Qi's hair and yelling at her in fury. Song Zi Hang tried his best to protect her and glared at Jiang Yan Ran with deep hatred, "Jiang Yan Ran, I've lost my reputation thanks to you. Are you happy? Are you satisfied now?"

Shen Meng Qi was choked with tears, "Yan Ran, I'm sorry... I'm really sorry..."

"Meng Qi! You did nothing wrong! Don't apologise to this evil woman! It's my fault for not protecting you better! I should be glad that I saw this woman's true colours before it was too late!"

Ye Wanwan watched by the side in admiration. Under these circumstances, Shen Meng Qi was still able to count on her lies and acting skills to reverse a hopeless situation, regaining her innocent persona.

Song Zi Hang, who'd been used from the beginning and took all the blame at this critical moment, still defended her and spoke up for her voluntarily.

"Mom! I'd rather die than apologise to this flirt! I'll love only Shen Meng Qi in this lifetime!" Shen Meng Qi's tears triggered the burning anger in Song Zi Hang's heart. As a proud man, he'd never apologize to Jiang Yan Ran in front of the woman he loved, no matter what.

Just as Song Zi Hang was protecting his sweetheart with self-righteousness and everybody felt touched, a boy rushed over suddenly and pushed Song Zi Hang aside, embracing Shen Meng Qi in his arms——

"Song Zi Hang, you're a bastard! You're spouting nonsense! Meng Qi's my woman; she has nothing to do with you! You're a perverted scumbag, shamelessly harassing Meng Qi all the time!"

Song Zi Hang felt dizzy from the push and when he saw Shen Meng Qi in the other boy's arms, he was enraged, "I've been harassing Meng Qi? Bastard! Who do think you are?! Let go of her!"

Zheng Bin refused to let her go and replied loftily, "Me?! I'm the person who Meng Qi truly loves!"

"Zheng... Zheng Bin, why are you here?" Shen Meng Qi was flustered. Her gut feeling told her something wasn't right and she tried to send him away, "It's none of your business, get going!"


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