Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 168: Daddy Jiang to the rescue

Chapter 168: Daddy Jiang to the rescue

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Ye Wanwan stood a few steps away and watched as Shen Meng Qi slumped onto the floor.

After some time, she slowly walked over with a face filled with heartache and said softly, "Meng Qi... How could this happen... How could you do something like that...?

What about my brother? Did you also ditch him because he was no longer useful to you?

Or... is my brother still a spare tire because he still has some use for you?"

Hearing this, Shen Meng Qi suddenly seemed to wake up.

She didn't expect that Ye Wanwan could speak right to her heart. She immediately explained anxiously, "I didn't! Wanwan, you have to believe me! This was all a misunderstanding! How could I do this to Mu Fan- ge 1 ? I really wanted to help him!"

Seeing that Shen Meng Qi still acted so fake when there was irrefutable evidence made everybody despise her even more.

At this time, only the ugly freak, Ye Wanwan, is still listening to Shen Meng Qi's fake honeyed words.

So it really was Shen Meng Qi's strategy all along--seducing whoever was powerful and when something went amiss, she'd find a spare tire immediately.

Not far off, Jiang Yan Ran was speechless as she watched how Ye Wanwan forced Shen Meng Qi into this pathetic state single-handedly. Shen Meng Qi was acting totally clueless and trying to explain things to Ye Wanwan, looking really anxious.

At this moment, Song Zi Hang pushed Shen Meng Qi away and rushed over to Jiang Yan Ran in tears, "Yan Ran... please forgive me... I didn't know... I didn't know things would end up this way... that woman tricked me... I really didn't expect she would be so scheming... shamelessly seducing me from the start... please forgive me this once..."

At this moment, Mrs Song was in a rage. Song Zi Hang had actually been fooled by a little wretch, bringing embarrassment to the Song family.

"Yan Ran, you saw it too, it was all because of this b**** who seduced Zi Hang. Can you forgive him this time for auntie's sake? Which man hasn't made mistakes before? I've beaten and scolded him and he'll never dare do it ever again and will be with you happily! Go back and explain this to your dad; we can't let the issue with the company drag on!"

This dismissive tone of Mrs Song made Jiang Yan Ran frown. She pressed her lips together and replied, "Auntie Song, I'm sorry, I can't make decisions for the company. As for the engagement, it was exactly like what Zi Hang said before--it was just a joke by the elders, I just didn't see it clearly before."

Upon seeing Jiang Yan Ran's stubbornness, Mrs Song's face turned gloomy, "Yan Ran, do you really want to be so ruthless? Zi Hang and I have already apologised to you but you're still so relentless! Do you want to ruin this long-term relationship between our families over this small issue?"

The moment Mrs Song spoke, an angry voice resounded from the opposite side, "Yan Ran, what happened to your face?"

Jiang Hai Chao rushed over anxiously and behind him was Song Zi Hang's father, Song Xiao Wei.

Seeing her dad, Jiang Yan Ran was a little surprised as she covered her red and swollen face with her hand, "Daddy, why're you here? I'm fine..."

When Jiang Hai Chao saw that his beloved daughter--whom he spoiled from a young age and didn't even dare lay a finger on--had gotten slapped by someone, he couldn't contain his fury, "Who hit you? Was it Qian Ru Lan?! She actually dared to hit you?!"

Mrs Song didn't expect that Jiang Hai Chao would appear and she grew anxious and quickly explained, "Old Jiang, why did you come down here personally? This was a misunderstanding, I didn't do it on purpose. Actually, it was just a small issue from the start, we really didn't have to drag so many people into this..."

Jiang Hai Chao hugged his daughter and was in a towering rage, "Tsk, small issue? My daughter was bullied by your son to the point where she wanted to commit suicide; is this what you call a small issue?! After Yan Ran's mom and I received the call that night, we rushed down to school immediately. If it wasn't for someone saving Yan Ran, we'd be looking at her dead body! You call this a small issue? So in your eyes, our Yan Ran's life is just a small issue! Qian Ru Lan, Song Xiao Wei, do you really think the Jiangs are pushovers?!"

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