Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1663 - This woman is an idiot, right?

Chapter 1663: This woman is an idiot, right?

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Absolute silence descended on the audience.

In the video, Big Dipper crashed to the ground, cutting a sorry figure.

“How is this possible…”

The D-rank mercenaries were incredulous about the contents of Ye Wanwan’s video.

The president of the Fearless Alliance’s confidant, Big Dipper was defeated so easily by a D-rank mercenary from Scarlet Flames Academy and got stepped on…

How could this have happened?

“What a joke.” Meng Ke stared at Ye Wanwan. “Is he Big Dipper of the Fearless Alliance simply because you said so? Most of the Fearless Alliance’s people are mysterious, and outsiders rarely see them. What evidence do you have to prove it’s him?”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. This woman is an idiot, right…?

Anyone with a single brain cell should realize no one would pull up a fake video in this kind of situation. It would be instantly exposed if that man wasn’t Big Dipper.

It appeared these children of the Independent State’s patrician families were a bit too obsessed with practicing martial arts and lost their brains somewhere along the way.

“That’s right—what evidence do you have to prove that the man in the video is Big Dipper? A mere D-rank mercenary like you probably can’t even get near the Fearless Alliance, let alone defeat Big Dipper,” Zhang Zuonian also mocked her nearby.

Before Ye Wanwan could respond, an S-rank mercenary student wearing a gold robe walked over and glanced at the howling Big Dipper in the video before expressionlessly saying, “The man in the video is Big Dipper indeed. In the Fearless Alliance, aside from the elders and Bro Flattop, members like Big Dipper are typically very high profile, and many people recognize him. There isn’t much room for faking it.”

Some high-ranked mercenaries who had seen Big Dipper before all nodded in agreement.

“Yes, the man under Junior Sister’s feet is Big Dipper. I’ve seen him before.”

“That person really is Big Dipper. D-did this junior sister really get underestimated? She possessed the ability of an A-rank mercenary from the start, so how is she a mere D-rank mercenary?”

Upon hearing those high-ranked mercenaries, Zhang Zuonian and Zhang Da’s faces both changed.

Who could’ve imagined a D-rank newbie like Ye Wanwan really singlehandedly completed the A-rank mission of defeating Big Dipper…?

Meng Ke’s expression darkened instantly. A mere D-rank newbie actually completed an A-rank mission within days of entering the academy.

Elder Gong turned to Ye Wanwan, surprise flashing through his eyes.

Back then, he only accepted Ye Wanwan as a disciple in-name due to Emperor Ji. His passing friendship with Emperor Ji was one factor, but most importantly, Emperor Ji was the fiancé of his beloved disciple, Worriless Nie… If it weren’t for this connection, he absolutely wouldn’t have accepted Ye Wanwan even as a disciple in-name.

“Master, Junior Sister Ye was probably looked down on,” Li Hanfeng said aloofly.

Elder Gong pensively examined Ye Wanwan.

‘Haha, Elder Gong, your disciple is quite extraordinary! She’s only a D-rank mercenary but could complete an A-rank mission… Nice!”

“Elder Gong has picked up a treasure this time…”

Several neutral elders were all smiles.

A higher-up around 50 or so years old didn’t allow Elder Gong to respond before walking forward and stopping in front of Ye Wanwan. “Child, you’re probably just Elder Gong’s disciple in-name and not his personal disciple, right?”

Ye Wanwan nodded honestly.

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