Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1664 - Why should I coach you?

Chapter 1664: Why should I coach you?

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There was an innate difference between a personal disciple and disciple in-name.

A personal disciple referred to a disciple who inherited his master’s life’s knowledge and required a grand ceremony when the master officially accepted the disciple.

As for a disciple in-name, it didn’t require any ceremony and a verbal promise would do.

Typically speaking, higher-ups in the Scarlet Flames Academy might have hundreds of disciples in-name but definitely wouldn’t have more than 10 personal disciples.

“Good, good, good!”

After learning that Ye Wanwan was only a disciple in-name, the elderly man nodded and smiled faintly. “Then acknowledge me as your master. I’ll accept you as my personal disciple.”

Ye Wanwan was startled. It can also work like that…?

“What are you doing? Are you stealing my disciple in front of me?”

Elder Gong immediately turned to the elderly man.

“Elder Gong, what are you saying? This lass isn’t your personal disciple, so how’s it stealing… If you mind, then I won’t continue.” The elderly man helplessly smiled at him.

“Heh, still mountains away from Meng Ke. Back when Meng Ke was still a B-rank mercenary, she completed two missions, one A-ranked while the other was peak B-ranked and close to A rank,” the old woman next to Lei He said.

“Excuse me, please help me document my mission.” Ye Wanwan ignored the old woman and turned to the mission reporting instructor.

“Ah… sure…” The instructor nodded furiously. “An A-rank mission, right…?

“One more.” Ye Wanwan pulled out another mission slip.

A-rank mission: Defeat Seven Star of the Fearless Alliance.

Before anyone could react, Ye Wanwan played another video on her phone.

Under everyone’s incredulous gazes, Seven Star of the Fearless Alliance crashed to the ground similarly from Ye Wanwan’s kick after several rounds of fighting in the video.

“D*mn… Am I blind?!”

“Two A-rank missions? She also took care of Seven Star?!”

The high-ranked mercenaries were stunned.

Li Hanfeng also found it hard to believe.

Li Hanfeng himself didn’t dare to claim he could defeat Seven Star and Big Dipper from the Fearless Alliance, especially both of them at the same time.

Elder Gong looked surprised. Did he really encounter a treasure without recognizing it?

“T-two… two A-rank missions…?” The documenting instructor stared at Ye Wanwan like he’d seen a ghost.

“This is a lot more impressive than Elder Lei He’s disciple, Meng Ke, right?! Meng Ke’s highest record is finishing an A-rank and peak B-rank mission when she was a B-rank mercenary, but Elder Gong’s disciple finished two A-rank missions when she’s just a D-rank mercenary, and both missions are related to the Fearless Alliance…” a high-ranked mercenary suddenly commented.

Elder Lei He’s expression chilled instantly.

Upon seeing her master’s displeasure, Meng Ke stepped forward and pointed at Ye Wanwan as she aloofly said, “Junior Sister Ye, your strength isn’t bad. A book truly can’t be judged by its appearance… Since it’s like that, I’d like to learn a few moves from you.”

Silence enveloped the area following Meng Ke’s provoking words.

“Meng Ke, I’ll keep you company if you want to exchange notes.” Li Hanfeng stepped forward, blocking Ye Wanwan behind him.

However, Ye Wanwan shook her head and asked with a chuckle, “An S-rank mercenary like you want to compete with a D-rank mercenary?”

As soon as Ye Wanwan said that, many students burst into laughter.

“Also, I don’t know you. Why should I teach you a few moves? Are we on familiar terms?” Ye Wanwan added.

Meng Ke’s face visibly darkened. “Then I’ll teach Junior Sister Ye a few moves.”

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