Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1662 - I was lying to you

Chapter 1662: I was lying to you

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“You… finished an A-rank mission?” Elder Gong frowned lightly. This wasn’t something she could joke about.

“Elder Gong, did you personally teach this disciple her bragging skills yourself? Where did a mere D-rank mercenary get the guts to run her mouth off here?” Lei He indifferently said while looking at Elder Gong.

“Master, your ability at bragging truly can’t compare to Elder Gong’s,” Meng Ke piped in.

As Ye Wanwan watched the master and disciple’s echoing act, she grew increasingly indignant on Elder Gong’s behalf. She immediately turned to Elder Gong. “Master, look, your quality truly can’t compare to Elder Lei He. After all, Elder Lei He brings his disciple in tow even when mocking someone. Their ability to echo each other is much stronger than ours. Unlike them, we find it shameful.”

Lei He and Meng Ke both coldly stared at Ye Wanwan.

Elder Gong didn’t look any different. He said to her, “Wanwan, you can’t speak dishonestly about finishing an A-rank mission. If you have evidence that proves you completed an A-rank mission, Master will definitely seek justice for you.”

Ye Wanwan smiled faintly and pulled out the mission slip in the next second, displaying it in front of everyone.

A-rank mission: Defeat Big Dipper from the Fearless Alliance.

After seeing the slip, a wave of mocking snickers swept through the crowd again without any surprise. However, these snickers were directed at Elder Gong, not Ye Wanwan.

At Scarlet Flames Academy, Elder Gong normally didn’t give any leniency and conducted business brusquely and strictly, not stepping a single centimeter off the line. Hence, he offended many higher-ups, so these higher-ups took advantage of Ye Wanwan’s matter and used it to suppress Elder Gong. No one actually cared whether Ye Wanwan truly defected; this was a game of power amongst Scarlet Flames’ higher-ups.

“The Fearless Alliance… Haha, Elder Gong, isn’t your disciple too cute? Big Dipper is President Fearless’ capable left arm and confidant,” the old woman ridiculed from her position next to Elder Lei He.

“Say, Elder Gong, does your disciple also know that her crime of defection is inescapable, so it’s like she’s smashing a pot to pieces just because it’s cracked? Defeating Big Dipper of the Fearless Alliance? By just a mere D-rank mercenary like her?”

Lei He gave his disciple, Meng Ke, a look.

Meng Ke instantly said aloofly, “Heh, you claim you completed the A-rank mission of defeating Big Dipper? Sure, take out your proof! Doesn’t the mission say you need a video for proof?”

“Wanwan, the video.” Elder Gong looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan nodded and searched around her pockets.

Her expression abruptly shifted. “Shoot… I lost my phone… and the video’s saved on the phone…”

Loud guffaws broke out from the crowd. Even the high-ranked mercenaries in the distance were clutching their stomachs from laughing.

Wasn’t the excuse of losing her phone too ridiculous?

However, Elder Gong’s expression remained unchanged, as though it was within his expectations.

After all, his disciple in-name was merely a D-rank mercenary, so how could she finish an A-rank mission, especially one related to the Fearless Alliance…?

“I’m Big Dipper of the Fearless Alliance! Whose mercenary are you to dare to challenge me?!”

In the midst of everyone’s guffaws, Ye Wanwan took out her phone and held it up with a wicked look.

The phone was playing a video.

Near the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters, an extremely ugly woman’s figure was akin to wild gales while her aura was akin to a terrifying tsunami.

In less than two rounds, the ugly woman sent Big Dipper crashing to the ground with a kick and stepped on his fallen figure.

“I didn’t lose my phone; I was lying to you.” Ye Wanwan smirked.

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