Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1657 - Are you kidding me?

Chapter 1657: Are you kidding me?

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Li Hanfeng dryly glanced at Zhang Da and the others. “That’s right.”

The lead enforcer immediately turned to Zhang Da. They never heard that they were capturing an elder’s disciple.

At Scarlet Flames Academy, even if an elder’s disciple committed a serious wrong, the enforcement council had to obtain the responsible elder’s permission before they could capture the disciple. If the elder didn’t agree, the enforcement council didn’t have the power to take that disciple away without permission.

Only then did Ye Wanwan remember that the Scarlet Flames instructor who received her when she first entered Scarlet Flames Academy took her to the residence of one of the four elders at the academy, Elder Gong, and Elder Gong accepted her as a disciple in-name…

If it weren’t for Li Hanfeng mentioning this matter today, Ye Wanwan probably would’ve forgotten it a long time ago.

“Zhang Da… you never mentioned this woman was an elder’s disciple…”

The lead enforcer promptly turned to Zhang Da with a deep frown.

Zhang Da snorted. “Do you think that’s plausible in the slightest? Which elder would accept a new D-rank mercenary as a disciple?”

The enforcers all met each other’s eyes. Zhang Da’s words were reasonable; they had never heard of any elder from Scarlet Flames Academy accepting a D-rank mercenary as a disciple.

Those elders themselves were absent of personal desires and placed all of their hopes on their disciples.

Especially at Scarlet Flames Academy, the elders might look harmonious on the surface but they fought ferociously in private. There wasn’t an elder who didn’t hope for their disciples to defeat the other elders’ disciples. Hence, why would they accept a D-rank mercenary as a disciple? There wasn’t any logic to that.

“Li Hanfeng, say, you must have an unusual relationship with this defected mercenary. You want to protect her, so you claimed she’s an elder’s disciple. Do you know that you’ve committed a violation already!” Zhang Da coldly said to Li Hanfeng.


Li Hanfeng smiled indifferently at him but didn’t explain anything.

“Li Hanfeng, you said she’s an elder’s disciple, but whose disciple is she? Why didn’t I know about this?” The lead enforcer frowned lightly.

“If you don’t believe me, you can take her away, but I’ve already said my piece,” Li Hanfeng replied.

“Li Hanfeng, you said she’s an elder’s disciple. Tell us—which elder is she a disciple of?” the lead enforcer asked.

“Elder Gong,” he answered.

“Elder Gong?!”

“This junior sister is… Elder Gong’s disciple?!”

“How is that possible…? Elder Gong is one of the four great elders at Scarlet Flames Academy, and his disciples have been seriously suppressed by the other elders’ disciples in these past two years… Why would he accept a D-rank mercenary and ask for ridicule from the other elders?”

Many nearby mercenaries discussed wildly.

“Hahaha… You’re saying she’s the disciple of Elder Gong, Li Hanfeng?” Zhang Da was teaming with mockery. “Are you kidding me?”

Elder Gong was renowned for being cold inside and out at Scarlet Flames Academy; he absolutely wouldn’t accept a disciple easily.

Especially since Elder Gong’s beloved disciple, Worriless Nie, swept across Scarlet Flames Academy many years ago and became the academy’s legend. After Worriless Nie disappeared, Elder Gong’s archenemy, another elder, accepted Nie Linglong as his disciple. From then on, Nie Linglong personally broke the records created by Worriless Nie back then one after another and became the academy’s new legend. This was also the exact reason that Elder Gong’s archenemy stepped above Elder Gong and stripped away many powers that should’ve belonged to Elder Gong. Hence, this matter was related to Elder Gong’s own face and dignity; there was no way Elder Gong would accept a D-rank mercenary as a disciple!

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