Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1658 - Elder Gong appears

Chapter 1658: Elder Gong appears

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Ye Wanwan reeled from shock when she heard everyone’s discussion.

Her freebie master… was actually Worriless Nie’s first teacher at Scarlet Flames Academy…

Didn’t that mean… Elder Gong was actually her master?!

Ye Wanwan also heard people mentioning how her departure back then afflicted too great a blow to Elder Gong. Furthermore, Nie Linglong continued to break every record that Worriless Nie created, causing Elder Gong’s archenemy to belittle him and step above him…

Ye Wanwan’s veins bulged on her forehead. Back then, she actually brought a thankless wretch home who kept everyone in the dark.

“What elder’s disciple, a load of bullsh*t! Take her away for a detailed investigation,” an exceptionally good-looking woman said after a glance at Ye Wanwan as she slowly walked toward them with an indifferent expression.

Several high-ranked mercenaries were astonished by the woman’s appearance.

Meng Ke—Scarlet Flames Academy’s new superstar and prodigy. Shortly after entering the academy, she completed two S-rank missions. She was the pearl of the Meng family’s patriarch and was accepted as a personal disciple by Elder Gong’s archenemy. Furthermore, she was Scarlet Flames Academy’s new legend and Nie Linglong’s direct junior sister!

Ye Wanwan turned to Meng Ke. She saw this girl before when she participated in the entrance examination; she was an extremely conceited and prideful person.

Meng Ke glanced at Li Hanfeng but didn’t start a conversation.

“Why are you just standing around? Arrest her and interrogate her severely,” Meng Ke said aloofly.

Zhang Da sneered and was about to instruct the enforcers to act when an expressionless elderly man wearing a brocade shirt suddenly appeared.


Li Hanfeng hastily walked forward and reverently greeted Elder Gong as he bowed at Elder Gong.

“En.” Elder Gong glanced at Li Hanfeng and made a noise in response.

“D*mn… this elderly man is… Elder Gong? One of four great elders at Scarlet Flames Academy, an old legend of Scarlet Flames Academy, Worriless Nie’s first teacher…?”

“I’ve heard about the four great elders, but I’ve been at Scarlet Flames Academy for so long and have never seen them once…”

“For a D-rank mercenary like you, you would need to burn some incense to even see an elder’s disciple! But you want to see an elder?!”

Some veteran D-rank mercenaries wildly conversed after seeing Elder Gong.

“D*mn! This junior sister can’t really be Elder Gong’s disciple, right?!”

“I think it’s impossible!”

“Strange, Elder Gong has been terribly suppressed by his archenemy these past few years due to his disciples, so why would he accept a D-rank mercenary…? Wouldn’t he just be suppressed even more harshly by his archenemy?”

“Elder Gong, why did you come?”

The lead enforcer turned to Elder Gong in surprise.

However, Elder Gong didn’t respond. He looked at the nearby Ye Wanwan and said, “Come here.”


Ye Wanwan reflexively walked to Elder Gong’s side and called, “Master…”

She couldn’t help examining this seemingly lonely elderly man in closer detail. So he was her master at Scarlet Flames Academy back then…?

Everyone at Scarlet Flames Academy knew about Elder Gong’s fondness for Worriless Nie. It was precisely because of this that Elder Gong was angered to the point of coughing blood when Nie Linglong became his archenemy’s disciple and intentionally broke Worriless Nie’s records.

For some reason, grief weighed down on Ye Wanwan when she looked at the elderly man before her.

“I heard you wanted to apprehend my disciple.” Elder Gong swept his eyes over the enforcers, Zhang Da, and the others, and his aloof voice was akin to thunder.


Zhang Da was shocked and incredulous, and Zhang Zuonian next to him also looked panicked.

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