Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1656 - An elder’s disciple

Chapter 1656: An elder’s disciple

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Either way, it would be better than being considered as a defector.

“I’ll go and call the enforcers here…” the middle-aged instructor said.

Defected mercenaries like her had to be reported and turned over to Scarlet Flames Academy’s enforcement council for judgment.

Soon, the middle-aged instructor led several male enforcers there.

“A D-rank defected mercenary?”

The lead enforcer was startled when he saw Ye Wanwan. He had seen many defected mercenaries but this was probably the first time he heard of a D-rank defected mercenary.

Zhang Da immediately stepped forward and explained the entire situation to the enforcers.

After learning about the details, the lead enforcer glanced at Ye Wanwan and impatiently ordered, “Take her away.”

Several male enforcers swiftly went up to capture her.

“Hold on, everyone.”

Before Ye Wanwan had the chance to do anything, an aloof voice rang out.

Everyone looked behind them.

A young mercenary was slowly walking toward them.

“Li Hanfeng… Elder Gong’s disciple in-name… No, I heard he was accepted as a personal disciple by Elder Gong a few days ago…”

Several veteran D-rank mercenaries were surprised when they saw the man.

“It’s him…”

Ye Wanwan looked at Li Hanfeng. She saw this man a few days ago at the mission issuance area; she didn’t expect to see him again today.

“May I ask what everyone is doing?” Li Hanfeng walked forward and asked Zhang Da and the enforcers with a faint smile.

“You’re Li Hanfeng.” The lead enforcer assessed Li Hanfeng.

“That’s right,” Li Hanfeng replied genially.

“En, help me give my regards to Elder Gong,” the lead enforcer said. “This is a defected mercenary from our academy. We’re about to take her away and interrogate her.”

“Heh, that’s a bit of a problem. She’d at least lose a layer of skin if she paid a visit to your enforcement council,” Li Hanfeng replied.

“Li Hanfeng, what are you saying?” The lead enforcer knitted his brows slightly.

“Not much. I’d just like everyone to show me a small courtesy and don’t pursue this matter. How about it?” Li Hanfeng asked.

“A small courtesy?” Zhang Da snorted. “Li Hanfeng, you haven’t become an S-rank mercenary student yet, but you’re so arrogant already! I’m afraid your face isn’t big enough for this!”

Zhang Zuonian’s lips curled up. So what if it’s Li Hanfeng? Does he think he can save a defected mercenary?

“Li Hanfeng, don’t ask for trouble.” An enforcer overlooked Li Hanfeng and moved to take Ye Wanwan away.

“I’m afraid none of you have the right to do anything to her. Don’t blame me for not reminding you all to take responsibility for breaking the rules,” Li Hanfeng nonchalantly replied with a smile.

“Breaking the rules?”

Zhang Da and his cohort were all startled and looked at Li Hanfeng with confusion. What did he mean?

“Li Hanfeng, what are you trying to say? I’m telling you—she must be brought to the enforcement council to be investigated today even if the Emperor of Heaven himself came, let alone you!” Zhang Da coldly retorted.

“Is that so?”

The corners of Li Hanfeng’s lips turned up, and he swept his eyes over Zhang Da and his group. “Then… what would you say if she’s an elder’s disciple?”

Everyone looked at each other, bewildered when they heard Li Hanfeng’s words. An elder’s… disciple?!

“Li Hanfeng, who’s an elder’s disciple? Are you saying this woman is an elder’s disciple?” The lead enforcer’s expression shifted.

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