Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1655 - Defected mercenary

Chapter 1655: Defected mercenary

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“You? You finished an A-rank mission? And defeated Big Dipper of the Fearless Alliance?!”

Several D-rank mercenaries rushed forward and glanced at Ye Wanwan with raised eyebrows.

They had seen people blow their own horns before but hadn’t seen people blow it to this extent. The size of her horns probably pierced the heavens.

“Heh, thankfully you’re wearing a gray uniform or else I’d really think you were an S-rank boss!” A D-rank mercenary snorted at Ye Wanwan.

“Junior Sister, don’t deceive the instructor. The consequences aren’t a joke…”

Ye Wanwan was brimming with exasperation in the face of everyone’s incredulity. She really did finish an A-rank mission, alright?

“Are you sure you finished this mission?” the instructor solemnly stared at her.

However, before Ye Wanwan could speak, an abrupt voice rang out from behind her.

“She’s a defected mercenary from Scarlet Flames Academy! Seize her!”

As they spoke, Zhang Da and Zhang Zuonian swiftly marched toward Ye Wanwan.

“A defected mercenary from Scarlet Flames Academy?!”

The middle-aged instructor and the D-rank mercenaries around them were all shocked.

Instinctively, the middle-aged instructor suddenly stood up and stepped forward, blocking Ye Wanwan’s line of retreat.

Ye Wanwan remained unfazed and merely stuck her hands in her pockets, not making a single move to escape.

“Senior Brother Zhang Da, what’s going on? This new student is a defected student from the Scarlet Flames Academy?” the middle-aged instructor hastily asked as soon as Zhang Da reached them.

“That’s right!” Zhang Da nodded.


Many D-rank mercenaries looked astonished, and several also wore a deep frown.

She was merely a D-rank mercenary—how did she become a defected mercenary? This didn’t seem too logical…

Although they were displeased by this junior sister’s bragging, displeasure was merely displeasure. When it involved defection, it was an entirely different story. The slightest wrong turn and she might be disposed of…

“Instructor Zhang Da, you aren’t mistaken, right? This junior sister might have shocking looks and brag too much, but in the end, she’s just a D-rank mercenary. Why would she defect? Furthermore, a D-rank mercenary doesn’t come into contact with any classified information from Scarlet Flames Academy. How could she betray us?” a senior D-rank mercenary asked.

“What? Are you questioning me?”

A chilly glint flashed in Zhang Da’s eyes as he stared at the senior D-rank mercenary.

“I’m not questioning you…”

The senior D-rank mercenary shook his head.

As expected, no one dared to say much to contradict an instructor of Scarlet Flames Academy and veteran C-rank mercenaries like Zhang Da and Zhang Zuonian.

“Senior Brother Zhang Da, when did she defect?” the middle-aged instructor swiftly asked him.

“Hmph.” Zhang Da glanced at Ye Wanwan and snorted. “I issued the academy’s compulsory mission earlier, but she refused to complete it and even accepted an A-rank mission in front of everyone. Later, she realized on her own that she couldn’t complete the mission, so she defected.”

“I see…”

The middle-aged man looked pensive. A D-rank mercenary actually went to accept an A-rank mission in order to refuse the academy’s compulsory mission? This was the same as serving her own life on a silver platter.

However, in this kind of situation, after accepting an A-rank mission, you had to complete it. If you didn’t succeed or didn’t try to complete it, a light consequence could be getting expelled, but a heavy consequence could be getting severely punished by the academy before being expelled.

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