Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1643 - Who did I just hit on?

Chapter 1643: Who did I just hit on?

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Hm… I’ll be very busy tonight…

Why… do these words sound wrong…?

Sent off by gazes from the Fearless Alliance members, Ye Wanwan led the man to a corner in the bar and sat down.

As for Jiang Yan, he guarded the table without straying an inch like a door guard.

Ye Wanwan didn’t mind being strictly guarded though. She’d still do whatever she needed to do.

Nearby, the Fearless Alliance members relaxed with lingering trepidation.

“I was scared to death!”

“Right? I didn’t expect to run into the President here!”

Luo Lin’na was on the brink of tears. She hastily picked up a glass and chugged it down to soothe her shock. “I’m the one who’s scared to death, alright? It’s an utter miracle that I managed to return!”

After all, she was basically trying to steal food from the mouth of a tiger just now!

Big Dipper chuckled and threw some seeds into his mouth. “You’re scared to death just like that? If you knew who you were hitting on just now, wouldn’t your spirit disperse?”

“Huh… the man I was hitting on just now..? Who is he?” Luo Lin’na didn’t understand.

Big Dipper winked. “Guess.”

Luo Lin’na was exasperated. “Say, Brother Big, don’t leave me hanging in this kind of situation.”

Big Dipper laughed. “You’re better off clueless. I’m really afraid something would happen to you from fright!”

Luo Lin’na drank some whiskey and raised her brows. “Just who is he? If it wasn’t because the President took a liking to that man, there really aren’t many men I wouldn’t dare to hit on in the Independent State, alright? Unless he’s Lord Asura!”

She randomly added the last part.

Big Dipper bluntly stared at her and gave her a meaningful look before airily saying, “Congratulations, you answered right.”

“PAH—” A coughing fit took Luo Lin’na by storm, and her voice was about to pierce through the ceiling. “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!?!?!?!”

Big Dipper had a smug expression. “I’m saying… the person you just hit on was… Lord Asura!”

“Are you f*cking messing with me? He… he’s Lord Asura???” Luo Lin’na doubted whether this was the truth.

Big Dipper rolled his eyes. “Please. I personally saw him myself earlier. Could I have the wrong person?”

“D*mn! Isn’t the President messing around too far this time? Wait, no… that’s not the point…” Luo Lin’na trembled fiercely, her face ghastly pale. “How about I… I use my whip and hang myself…?”

“Heavens! That man is Lord Asura…? Seriously?”

“Is the President meeting Lord Asura to discuss official business?”

“Ah, forget it, how could it be official business? Who would ask someone to meet at a bar this late at night for official business? Let’s not fool ourselves…”


“Ahhhh—What in the world is our president saying? What is it?” Everyone curiously stared at the table in the corner after their shock subsided.

At the same time, Ye Wanwan looked at the man in front of her with a smile. “It’s been a long time since we’ve met, esteemed Lord Asura. Did you miss me?”

The music from the stage suddenly became ear-shatteringly loud, so the man only saw her lips moving but didn’t understand what she said, causing his brows to furrow slightly.

Ye Wanwan acted like she expected this and suddenly leaned in close to the man’s ears and repeated her words, “It’s been a long time since we’ve met, esteemed Lord Asura. Did you miss me?”

The girl’s sudden approach led to her warm breath washing over his ear; her voice was soft and sweet… The man felt like a jolt of electricity was gushing through his nerves, and his back instantly stiffened, causing him to automatically lean back.

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