Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1642 - Let you know what brutality is

Chapter 1642: Let you know what brutality is

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“Oh wow! Awesome, awesome! There’s actually someone fighting over a man with Lin’na!”

“It’s gonna be a good show!”

Some ignorant Fearless Alliance members who didn’t see Ye Wanwan’s face shouted excitedly.

“Who?! Who dares to steal my man?! Do you want to die?” Luo Lin’na roared while forcefully pulling on her whip.

Ye Wanwan finally looked away from Lord Asura and released the whip before turning around. She hooked her arms around Lord Asura’s arm while looking at the beautiful hall master in front of her with a nonchalant smile curling on her lips. She uttered, “Me…”

The second Ye Wanwan turned around, the color drained from Luo Lin’na’s face and her whip loudly dropped onto the floor in shock. She almost knelt down reflexively. “Pre… president!!!”

Sh*t… Why… why’s it President?!

Luo Lin’na never would’ve expected the newcomer to be her own boss and was stupefied.

In the distance, Big Dipper saw Luo Lin’na’s expression and inwardly mocked, Heh, only this and you’re shocked? If you knew who you were hitting on, would you be terrified to death…?

“P-president, forgive me… I… I didn’t know it was your esteemed self!” Luo Lin’na hastily bowed and pleaded in fright while carefully peering at the man next to Ye Wanwan.

She didn’t know if she saw things wrong due to the dim lighting, but the man’s previously blank eyes looked like a flame had ignited inside of them after the President latched onto his arm…

Ye Wanwan saw Luo Lin’na secretly looking at the man next to her and wore a gentle smile on her face as she coolly said, “Ah, Lin’na, if you look at him again, I, your president, might do something brutal…”

“I-I-I… I was wrong! I didn’t do it on purpose! Forgive me, President!” Luo Lin’na quickly lowered her head in fright and didn’t dare to take a second look.

Wahhh, this is terrifying!

The man’s cool gaze softened a little as he watched the girl’s little threatening expression.

“Good girl~” Ye Wanwan smiled and started to lead the man inside.

Detecting the man wanting to pull his arm away, Ye Wanwan said, “Esteemed Lord Asura, please understand the extent to which you can attract trouble. I’m not trying to take advantage of you, alright? But if I don’t do this, I’m afraid you’re going to take all night, and you still won’t be able to walk a few steps.”

Lord Asura: “…”

Jiang Yan behind them spat out, “Vixen!”

This was clearly an excuse to take advantage of my Lord!

All members of the Fearless Alliance are birds of a feather!!!

Under the dim lighting, the amused guests watched as a woman abruptly appeared and immediately took away the man of the hegemon flower, Luo Lin’na, in front of her. The majority of the guests didn’t recognize Ye Wanwan though.

Luo Lin’na had a fiery and explosive temper, but she watched her man being stolen away and didn’t do anything…? Instead, she stood there fearfully and didn’t even dare to protest…

“F*ck me! What’s going on? Just who’s that woman?”

“I don’t know!”

The other guests didn’t understand the situation, but there was no way the group from the Fearless Alliance didn’t recognize their own president…

After taking a good look at the woman, the previously hollering spot transformed into a graveyard, silent without a decibel of sound.

What… did they just see…?

Ye Wanwan was waiting intently for Lord Asura earlier and didn’t know many people from the Fearless Alliance, so she didn’t notice her own people here.

After seeing Big Dipper and Seven Star, she finally realized which faction was in the center.

She naturally had to go over and greet them.

The moment Ye Wanwan arrived, the previously crazily partying group straightened their backs in a wave like a group of grade-schoolers seeing their teacher.

“P-president… Have a seat, President…”

Ye Wanwan nodded her head but waved her hand with a smile. “No need, your president is very busy tonight, so do as you please.”

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