Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1641 - Stole the President’s man

Chapter 1641: Stole the President’s man

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How could Lord Asura’s personal bodyguards be inept? The woman was careless and was hit in the chest.

Although she avoided it in time, she probably still sustained heavy damage.

The woman didn’t expect the other man to be so skilled and she lost all traces of carelessness. The duo entered a fierce fight.

“Oh oh oh——”

A group of people was boisterously watching the show from the biggest booth in the center of the nightclub.

Some higher-ups and core members from the Fearless Alliance were having a gathering at the club tonight.

Earlier, Luo Lin’na said she saw a superbly handsome man and promptly approached the man to hit on him.

This group was currently betting on how many seconds it would take for Luo Lin’na to get the man this time.

“Hahaha… Hall Master Luo ran into a hard-to-crack nut!”

“That’s right, that’s right! After all, Hall Master Luo managed to get previous men with her looks alone!”

“Who’s that man? How come I’ve never seen him before? He even brought a personal bodyguard with him to a nightclub. Which family’s young master is he?”

“Who cares which family he came from? He’ll definitely be our Hall Master Luo’s man tonight, hahahaha….”

“What are you playing that makes you all so happy?” At that moment, Big Dipper and Seven Star entered from the main entrance on the other side of the club.

“Haha, Hall Master Luo took a liking to a handsome guy but failed in her seduction, so she started fighting with the guy’s personal bodyguard and plans to get him forcefully!” a member explained.

“Wow, so explosive! Quick, quick, quick, give me a handful of seeds!” Big Dipper hastily grabbed a handful of seeds and started watching the show.

Meanwhile, Seven Star already caught clear sight of the person Luo Lin’na provoked. His expression changed and a headache crept over him. “Sh*t.”

“How could such an entertaining show be sh*t?” Big Dipper rolled his eyes at Seven Star before returning to the fight.

At that moment, a light swept over the commotion, illuminating the faces of Lord Asura and Jiang Yan…

“PAH—hack hack hack hack…” Big Dipper started choking when he saw the faces, scared sh*tless.

Seven Star disdainfully started clapping Big Dipper’s back.

“F*ck… Lin’na wants to die…” Big Dipper painstakingly said after finally spitting out the seed stuck in his throat.

The other members of the Fearless Alliance remained ignorant and continued to watch the show excitedly. They even started hollering.

“Hall Master Luo! Go!”

“Bang him!”

Big Dipper looked at those people with sympathy and inwardly lit candles for each of them.

Today, he discovered Sis Feng had a date with Lord Asura, so he came to protect her (get some gossip). However, he found out a group of brothers from the Fearless Alliance was also having a gathering there tonight, so he went to them and sat down.

He never would’ve expected these punks to stir up this kind of trouble…

“What… what should we do? Has Sis Feng arrived yet?” Big Dipper asked.

Seven Star swept over the room, his gaze locking onto a certain spot. “She’s here.”

“It’s over, it’s over… Little Nana, I’ll burn some incense for you during Qingming from now on…”

*Swish!* At that moment, during the intense fighting, the end of Luo Lin’na’s whip accidentally curled toward Lord Asura.

“MY LORD!!!” Jiang Yana exclaimed in rage.

However, the man stood in his spot without moving, not even blinking his eyes.

A second later, before Jiang Yan could block it, a slender hand unflinchingly caught the violent whip.

As Ye Wanwan clutched the whip, she met Lord Asura’s gaze and didn’t forget to greet him with a grin. “Hey~~”

Lord Asura: “…”

As expected, Ye Wanwan didn’t get a response from the man, but she didn’t care.

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