Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1640 - A charming catastrophe…

Chapter 1640: A charming catastrophe…

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Late at night:

After Ye Wanwan changed into a light and comfortable outfit, she went to keep her appointment.

Moments later, Ye Wanwan stopped in front of the entrance of a secluded alley.

At the other end of the alley was a shabby, unremarkable metal door with the graffiti letters “LD” casually on it. LD stood for Lost Demon.

This was the Independent State’s most famous nightclub.

Ye Wanwan pushed open the creaking door. A wave of ear-shattering music ambushed her in the face and the dazzling lights sent her vision blurring. It was akin to a whole ‘nother world.

This happened to be the busiest time for the nightclub, and everyone was reveling and wildly screaming. Ye Wanwan randomly found a corner to sit down and waited for her date, bored to death.

She headed out early, so there was still half an hour before their agreed-upon time.

Whether it was Si Yehan or Lord Asura, Ye Wanwan found it hard to imagine either of them coming to a place like a nightclub; it was off-putting no matter how she thought about it.

Thankfully, although her methods might be a bit shameless, they came in handy. Since Lord Asura agreed, he wouldn’t go back on his word.

As expected, when it came to the meeting time, Ye Wanwan saw a familiar figure appearing at the entrance.

The man was wearing a prim, white English-style dress shirt and light-tan vest with a black trench coat on top. Amidst the people wickedly reveling at the bar, his elegant and reserved demeanor was truly too inharmonious and too… eye-catching.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help examining the man from head to toe and she clicked her tongue.

She was about to stand up to inform him of her whereabouts when she saw a beautiful and sexy woman blocking his path…

“Little Big Brother, let’s have a drink?” The woman sensually pressed closer while running her hands through her gorgeous curly hair.

The man coldly stared at the woman who suddenly appeared in front of him, unfazed as though he was looking at an inanimate object.

The beautiful woman was shocked by such a gaze but became more interested instantly…

Ye Wanwan was exasperated as she watched this scene from afar. “Tsk…”

He had only walked two steps inside this place yet he became a target instantly. That face of his was truly a charming catastrophe…

Not many people knew Lord Asura’s true appearance, so the woman naturally didn’t recognize him and wanted to hit on such a superb quality man.

Ye Wanwan focused her vision and surprisingly realized the beautiful woman had a familiar face. She seemed to be the hall master of a division hall of the Fearless Alliance.

Jiang Yan, following behind Lord Asura, immediately blocked the woman like a door god.

“Insolence!” Jiang Yan didn’t hold any tender feelings for the fairer sex and a murderous aura brimmed from his eyes. “Scram!”

“Ah, you’re rather arrogant… No one at LD Bar dares to speak to me like this…” The beautiful woman’s smiling expression darkened instantly, and she drew a whip from her waist.

As soon as some nearby guests saw that signature dragon-boned whip, terror surfaced on their faces.

She was a Division Hall Master of the Fearless Alliance… the hegemon flower, Luo Lin’na!

Did this man want to die? Why did he dare to provoke this hegemon flower?!

Jiang Yan had a stifled fury boiling inside him for ages and didn’t have any patience now, so he immediately attacked.

The watching guests noticed the commotion and eagerly watched the show.

“Let’s make a bet. Can the hegemon flower bring a beauty home tonight?”

“Is that even a question? Is there a man the hegemon flower can’t sink her claws into?”

A “swish” pierced the air and Luo Lin’na’s whip slashed toward Jiang Yan lightning fast.

Jiang Yan dodged to the side and used his palm to strike one of her vital pressure points.

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