Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1644 - Am I not obvious enough in my pursuit?

Chapter 1644: Am I not obvious enough in my pursuit?

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Behind them, Jiang Yan’s eyes were about to bulge out. However, Ye Wanwan only spoke a sentence after leaning over and she swiftly pulled back, so Jiang Yan managed to hold back. He still fumed incessantly though.

The volume of the music abated a little, and the man quietly watched the girl speaking, fire and ice brewing in his eyes. “Do you treat every man like this, President Bai?”

Ye Wanwan supported her chin with her hand and sipped from her glass. With raised brows, she asked, “Can I take this as the esteemed Lord Asura getting jealous?”

The man was silent for a moment before evading the question. “Why did you ask to meet with me?”

Ye Wanwan sounded shocked. “A girl like me asking you to meet at a bar this late at night–what else could it be for? Could it be… I’m not obvious enough in my pursuit of you?”

Lord Asura: “…”

Jiang Yan: “…!!!” Vixen!!!

Ye Wanwan had a regretful expression. “Alright, fine… It’s my fault… I should be more obvious!”

After saying that, she stood up abruptly and walked toward the stage.

Ye Wanwan stopped next to the DJ and quietly said something to him.

The DJ bobbed his head and the music in the club swiftly changed to another song.

Ye Wanwan picked up the microphone and ascended the stage, taking into her arms a guitar borrowed from the lead singer.

“Good evening, everyone~” Ye Wanwan sat down on the tall stool placed on the stage and smiled.

“Ooooo—” the Fearless Alliance members in the center booth whistled and cheered.

“Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, what’s the President doing?!”

“She’s my Sis Feng indeed! I just knew something big would happen tonight! My decision to come here to watch over her was right!”

“I’m going to sing a song for a… slow-witted friend.” As Ye Wanwan said that, her dazzling eyes glanced at a certain spot below the stage under the resplendent spotlight.

“Ooo, ooo, ooo!!!”

D*mn, d*mn, d*mn! Is the President going to confess to Lord Asura in public!

But that’s Lord Asura!

The President wants to be launched into outer space!

“My Lord… This Bai Feng! She’s simply too insolent!” Jiang Yan was on the brink of exploding from rage, but unfortunately, his master didn’t say anything, so he couldn’t act rashly.

The man’s unfathomable eyes were solely focused on the girl on the stage.

The girl gently strummed the guitar to tune the sound.

This was a song she learned by chance back in China. Thinking about it now… it was rather fitting…

An energetic and lively prelude started playing.

Ye Wanwan held the guitar and started singing the first line with closed eyes while concentrating. “You have an allure that shatters the distance of time and space. I know, I can’t let you go…

“… I can’t forget you. Memories of you haunt every city I go…”

The girl wore a clean and simple outfit with her hair pulled into a simple ponytail and sat on the stool casually, her fair, jade-like skin seeming to glow underneath the spotlight.

The moment she closed her eyes, it was like all the light in the world fell on her.

“Memories of you haunt every city I go… Even if the moon clashes with the earth, I want to be with you. No matter how wonderful this world is, it’s no match for your perfection…”

When Ye Wanwan sang that last line, she opened her eyes, and her gaze shot toward a certain corner of the bar like the starry sky shedding light to the night.

The hegemon flower, Luo Lin’na, clutched her pounding heart with flushed red cheeks. “F*ck me, f*ck me! I’m shot! Boss is too good at flirting!”

“The alley after a shower, the roses blooming everywhere, how beautiful is our love, like the lingering rays of the setting sun. Lean against my shoulder, and you can drift to sleep…”

Under the stage, no one noticed that the perpetually chilly-like-an-iceberg man had a softness in his eyes never seen before…

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