Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1636 - Do you want to try?

Chapter 1636: Do you want to try?

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The hall was suffocatingly silent, and darkness pervaded every corner without disturbance from a ray of light.

A man gently swirled the burgundy wine in his wine glass with his snow-white slender fingers, an inscrutable smile hanging from his lips.

Soon, the man lightly snapped his fingers, and a faint light lit up the hall.


An elderly man slowly entered and bowed at the man. “A guest is here.”

The man replied, “Bring her inside.”

“Yes, President.” The man turned and left.

Moments later, Nie Linglong opened the door and entered, showing no unfamiliarity with her surroundings and naturally sitting down on the nearby couch.

“Drink.” The man turned his chair, facing her. His unfathomable and extremely wickedly seductive eyes seemed to contain the universe, but this pair of eyes also contained all kinds of indescribable emotions.

“Thank you.” Nie Linglong accepted the glass of wine that a servant handed to her and took a sip.

“Leave.” The man waved his hand and the various beautiful servants left the hall, softly closing the door behind them.

“Heh, why are you here?” the man asked with a snort.

“My plan ran into some roadblocks,” Nie Linglong nonchalantly replied.

“Oh? You ran into roadblocks? What a novelty.” The man smiled, staring at Nie Linglong. “I’m interested in hearing about them.”

“You should know about my original plan.” Nie Linglong’s smile was extremely aloof. “I found a fake Worriless Nie so that she could easily inherit the Nie family. It’s unfortunate that I’m not blood-related to the Nie family at all or else it wouldn’t have been so troublesome.”

“And then?” the man asked with a smile.

“Unfortunately, the real Worriless Nie stuck her foot in the matter.” Nie Linglong smiled calmly.

“Oh…? Did she recover her memory?” Excitement and brutality suddenly rushed out of the man’s eyes.

“No.” Nie Linglong shook her head.

The man’s excitement and brutality disappeared upon hearing that, leaving behind intense disappointment.

“I didn’t have any other objective coming here today but to inform you.” Nie Linglong indifferently said, “I’m not a biological daughter of the Nie family, so I can’t inherit the Nie family. I originally planned to have the fake Worriless Nie inherit the Nie family, but it appears it won’t be easy… If I don’t end up succeeding, I can only use my own methods to act.”

“What’s your method?” the man asked.

Nie Linglong’s lips curled up into a chilling smile. “Destroy the Nie family and kill the genuine Worriless Nie.”

An icy glint that seemed to have existed since the beginning of time arose in the man’s eyes. As soon as he spoke, it was like the whole world’s temperature dropped to below freezing.

“Nie Linglong.” The man stared at her. “If you dare to touch a single strand of hair on her…”

A nefarious emotion enveloped his face. “You will die miserably.”


Nie Linglong abruptly stood up and stared at the president of the Martial Arts Union before her, amused. “You’ll make me die miserably, huh…? You?”

“Do you want to try?” The man smiled.

“I don’t have time to waste words with you here. I’m merely informing you, not asking for your opinion,” Nie Linglong expressionlessly replied.

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