Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1635 - Are you free tonight?

Chapter 1635: Are you free tonight?

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Nameless Nie was dumbfounded. “Um… The other method… to cure the gu…”

Nameless Nie finally realized what Ye Wanwan meant after half a day.

D*mn! But the child gu is planted inside of Lord Asura!!!

Nameless Nie squeezed out, “You’re my sister indeed… So gutsy…”

“Thank you for the compliment. I still have something to do, so bye bye~”

“Hey! Wait, wait, wait…”

Ye Wanwan asked, “What is it?”

“Ahem, um…” Nameless Nie looked abashed for some reason. “Sister Famous… can you… can you…”

Ye Wanwan found Nameless Nie’s embarrassment to be a rare sight and asked in amusement, “Can you what?”

“Can you… call me brother again?”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Nameless Nie hastily explained, “Ahem, I just think that it’s especially pleasant to the ear… when you call me ‘Brother’…”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes softened, and she sardonically looked at the man. “Call you ‘Brother’? Sure! Each word will cost a bar of gold!”

Nameless Nie was flabbergasted. “D*mn! A thousand in gold for each word? Are you robbing me?!”

Ye Wanwan burst out laughing.

Nameless Nie ground his teeth. “Just wait! When I earn millions and millions in assets, I can hear it as many times as I want…”

“Sure! I’ll wait!”

As Ye Wanwan walked away, she waved at Nameless Nie. She still had to keep conquering her “antidote”…

The streets in the surrounding area were packed today, so Ye Wanwan wagered that Lord Asura hadn’t gone far.

As expected, Ye Wanwan found the black car slowly inching forward in the crowd about two kilometers away.

Ye Wanwan squeezed to the front of the car and blocked its path before knocking on the window.

The window lowered, revealing Jiang Yan’s glowering face. “Why is it you again?!”

Ye Wanwan ignored her and propped her arm sideways over the window, turning to the man sitting in the back. “My esteemed Lord Asura, are you free tonight? Want to have a drink together?”

The man’s face was concealed in the shadows and remained unclear.

Jiang Yan exploded before Lord Asura could speak. “Bai Feng, you want to die?!?!?!”

This woman actually dared to hit on his Lord!!! Who gave her the guts?!

Ye Wanwan glanced at Jiang Yan with a grin.

A foreboding feeling arose inside Jiang Yan when he met that smile, but it was too late by the time he reacted. Ye Wanwan grabbed him by his neck and lamentably said, “Ah, if the esteemed Lord Asura isn’t willing, I’m afraid this loyal subordinate of yours will have to lose his life!”

Jiang Yan never would’ve expected this woman to be shameless to this extent! She was the leader of a faction, to say the least. How could she do such a thing?

Jiang Yan was about to erupt in rage. “Bai Feng, your imagination has gone wild! Do you think my Lord would be threatened by such crude techniques by a shameless scoundrel like you? Even if I have to die, I wouldn’t allow you to sully my Lord…”

Before Jiang Yan could finish speaking, the back door opened, and the man’s long and slender legs were revealed as he exited the car.

Lord Asura expressionlessly glanced at the girl before his extremely glacial gaze landed on her hand touching another man. “Release him.”

Ye Wanwan smiled and obediently released Jiang Yang at once, pushing him into the car before skipping toward the man. “Sure!”

Jiang Yan helplessly watched as his Lord relented to the vixen’s demands because of him; he was extremely moved.

He never would’ve expected to have such an important position in his Lord’s heart!

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