Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1634 - The other method to cure the gu

Chapter 1634: The other method to cure the gu

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And so, only Ye Wanwan and Ji Xiuran remained.

“Um…” Ye Wanwan was fretting about how to interact with Ji Xiuran due to her new identity, but Ji Xiuran broke the silence first.

“The antidote to the love gu is being developed right now. Don’t worry,” Ji Xiuran reassured her.

Ye Wanwan coughed. “I won’t worry, I won’t worry! With you here, of course I won’t worry!”

Then she suddenly asked furtively, “But, um… what if… what if the antidote still isn’t developed in three months…? What are you planning to do?”

There was only one cure left for the love gu aside from an antidote. Would Ji Xiuran agree…?

As soon as Ye Wanwan said that, she regretted it. Why the hell did she ask that question so masochistically?

However, she was really curious…

Ji Xiuran’s slender fingers lightly brushed a loose strand of hair behind Ye Wanwan’s ear, and he chuckled, his face akin to thousands of pear flowers blossoming. “There isn’t any ‘what if’.”


Amidst this strange silence, footsteps were heard behind them. Nameless Nie returned abruptly. “President Bai, I almost forgot I had something to say to you!”

Ji Xiuran nodded to Nameless Nie in greeting before excusing himself and leaving.

After Ji Xiuran left, Nameless Nie stood in front of Ye Wanwan and scratched his head. “Sister Famous, don’t take it to heart. That sister of mine probably got shocked somehow while on the outside these past few years, so there’s probably some screws loose in her head…”

Screws loose in her head…

Even though Nameless Nie wasn’t referring to her, Ye Wanwan was still speechless.

Who would talk about their sister like that?

“Oh, right, Sister Famous, I actually wanted to see you today to tell you something very important!” Nameless Nie said.

“Something important?” Ye Wanwan raised her brows. What important thing could Nameless Nie possibly have to say to her?

Nameless Nie looked excited for some reason. “Sister Famous, didn’t you get poisoned by the love gu earlier?”

Ye Wanwan’s face darkened. This guy actually wanted to mention the love gu in front of her.

“Thanks to Captain Nie…”

Nameless Nie chuckled. “You’re welcome, you’re welcome!”

Ye Wanwan was already used to this guy’s shamelessness. “Just what did you want to say?”

Nameless Nie eagerly said, “Sister Famous, don’t worry—handling the love gu is a piece of cake! As long as there’s money as the motivation… Blah, I mean, out of urgent concern for you, Sister Famous, Dead Man has developed an antidote already! Only the female has to consume it, and the gu will be cured!”

Ye Wanwan’s brows lifted at that, but she looked unfazed. “Oh? He developed the antidote?”

“That’s right, that’s right! Aren’t you especially excited?! You’re going to be even more excited! If you buy the antidote from us, Sister Famous, we’ll give you a 20% discount!!!”

Ye Wanwan’s face darkened completely. Can I kill him?

Where did this fool get the nerve to ask me for money?!

Ye Wanwan artificially smiled. “No need.”

Nameless Nie was startled. “Huh? Why? Do you think it’s expensive?”

He looked like he was controlling his pain and added, “Then… then I’ll give you a 30% discount! This is the biggest discount I can give you! It can’t be any bigger!”

“No need.”

Nameless Nie asked, “Then… then what about 50% off? The price can’t be any lower or else I won’t make my money back! I’m telling the truth!”

“My dear brother… Even if you give it to me for free, I don’t need it. Thanks.”

Nameless Nie was taken aback by Ye Wanwan calling him “Dear brother,” warmth enveloping his heart for some reason. He regained his wits moments later and asked in confusion, “Why?”

This was an antidote related to her life!

Ye Wanwan’s lips spread into a smile. “Because… I prefer the other method to cure the gu…”

Nameless Nie: “…”

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