Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1633 - A imitation was an imitation

Chapter 1633: A imitation was an imitation

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Ye Wanwan returned to Tangtang’s side before coldly saying, enunciating each word carefully, “This is the cake Tangtang went to a cake shop to personally make today because Tangtang knew it was his mom’s birthday in a few days. Tangtang crafted every flower and every word on the cake with his own hands. He wanted to give his mom a surprise.”

“You though, you publicly admonished him without asking the reason and even said such heartbreaking words! You always keep blaming Tangtang for not being close to you, but what about you, Worriless Nie? Have you fulfilled your responsibility as Tangtang’s real mom?”

With every word that Ye Wanwan uttered, the fake Worriless Nie’s face paled a shade, and her back inexplicably felt a chill when she heard Ye Wanwan call her “Worriless Nie.”

Nie Linglong’s expression also shifted, and she darkly glanced at “Worriless Nie.”

Useless thing!

An imitation was an imitation. Nie Linglong exerted so much effort paving so many paths for this woman, but Worriless Nie still managed to suppress her like this.

Tangtang raised his head and looked at his Mommy. His beautiful eyes, bright as the starry night, reddened a tinge…

Mommy is so angry because of me…

Mommy really cares about me…

Everyone could still faintly see the words “Happy birthday, Mom” on the crushed cake.

The moment Patriarch Nie and Madam Nie saw the cake, they realized they misunderstood Tangtang, and their hearts were about to shatter from heartache when they saw their precious grandson’s red eyes.

The two elders didn’t have the capacity to pay attention to anything else and hastily ran toward Tangtang.

Madam Nie pulled Tangtang into her arms, brimming with guilt. “Tangtang, sorry, sorry. It’s Grandpa and Grandma’s fault! We shouldn’t have blamed you without understanding the matter first!”

“Baby Tangtang, Grandpa was also wrong! It’s Grandpa’s fault!” Patriarch Nie, who was still maintaining his status as the head of the family moments ago, was completely wrought with panic at that moment and kept apologizing to his grandson anxiously like a normal grandfather.

“I… I didn’t know…” The fake Worriless Nie was dazed from the counterstrike.

She was about to defend herself when Madam Nie looked at her unhappily. “You acted too rashly this time, Worriless.”

“If you paid more heed, your relationship with Tangtang wouldn’t have deteriorated to this extent.”

Ye Wanwan glanced at the cake. “Sorry, you don’t deserve this cake.”

If she directly unveiled the truth to her parents, the risk would be too high.

Her best option was to make them realize slowly and guard against her.

When Ye Wanwan saw Madam Nie and Patriarch Nie’s reaction, she knew that the seed to make them dissatisfied with Worriless Nie was successfully planted…

However, this was merely the beginning…

Alas, this absurd commotion finally drew the curtains.

“Please excuse our trivial family matters.” Madam Nie and Patriarch Ji said to Ji Xiuran and the others before turning to Ji Xiuran and saying, “Xiuran, come visit our home more when you have time. Tangtang misses you a lot.”

Ji Xiuran’s typically faint smile appeared on his face. “Of course.”

The two elders apologized to Ye Wanwan again before leaving with Tangtang in tow.

After Ye Wanwan sent Tangtang off, she turned around and discovered that Lord Asura had left already without her noticing while Shen Tianchen was called away by his assistant.

“Ah, my assistant is hurrying me again. I’ve got to go! You owe me a favor for today, beautiful miss!” Shen Tianchen didn’t forget to endear himself to her before leaving.

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