Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1632 - A member of the Nie family

Chapter 1632: A member of the Nie family

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As soon as Tangtang spoke, an odd silence descended on everyone for a few seconds.

Even Nie Linglong’s perpetually smooth expression cracked on the spot.

Shen Tianchen exclaimed in surprise.

He finally figured out that this child was actually the son of “Worriless Nie” and Bai Feng was probably only his godmother. Bai Feng deliberately claimed this child was her son to make him give up. Who knew he would have such a bizarre and vulgar taste and didn’t care about this point at all?

Earlier, this child was clearly a little harmless white rabbit next to Bai Feng, but it was like he turned into a completely different person, and maturity beyond his age brimmed from his eyes.

Tsk tsk, he’s truly the Nie family’s grandson…

Speaking of which, the identity of the biological father of the Nie family’s precious grandson was still one of the 10 unresolved mysteries in the Independent State…

“Tangtang!” Patriarch Nie was displeased with his grandson, whom he doted on and spoiled limitlessly, for the first time ever.

Madam Nie also furrowed her brows. “Tangtang… You can’t speak to your aunt like that…”

Nie Linglong acted like she didn’t care and affably said, “Dad, Mom, I’m fine. Tangtang’s still young, so he still has much to learn.”

“Worriless Nie” immediately seized the opportunity to unleash her displeasure and raged, “Tangtang, you went too far! I can forgive you for being disrespectful toward me and treating me like nothing, but your Auntie Linglong has cared for you so well these past few years. How could you talk to her like that?!”

As “Worriless Nie” spoke, she glanced at Ye Wanwan, and her words became more enraged. “You keep wasting your days with an outsider all day and follow her outside without care for your family’s worries. Is a traitor like you really a member of the Nie family?!”

Ye Wanwan’s face chilled the second she heard the last part.

Madam Nie furrowed her brows. She felt like her daughter spoke too harshly. However, one of them was her grandson while the other was her daughter who she still felt guilty toward, so she valued both equally and couldn’t bear to admonish either of them severely.

At that moment, Ye Wanwan suddenly walked toward Ji Xiuran and took the cake Tangtang made that day from his hand before walking back toward “Worriless Nie.”

“What… what are you doing…?” The fake Worriless Nie was putting on the air of a mother and arrogantly yelling at them, but when she saw Ye Wanwan approaching abruptly, the woman’s scary and dangerous aura caused her to take a step back automatically.

Nameless Nie wiped his face and couldn’t help but swear inwardly. D*mn, these two people’s auras are on two completely different levels.

Is such a cowardly woman really my sister?

Boss Famous clearly resembled his sister more!

When Patriarch Nie saw Ye Wanwan murderously marching toward “Worriless Nie” with a box in hand, his expression tensed instantly, and the steward and guards all became cautious.

Ye Wanwan stopped in front of “Worriless Nie” and dropped the cake box at her feet without a word.

“AHHH!” The fake Worriless Nie involuntarily screamed when she was splattered by a flurry of whipped cream. “Bai Feng, are you crazy?! You’ve gone too far!”

“Worriless Nie” glanced at Madam Nie and Patriarch Nie as though she’d been wronged immensely.

Everyone was expecting some kind of weapon and was prepared to act, but to their surprise, Ye Wanwan actually threw a cake, so they were reasonably flabbergasted.

After doing that, Ye Wanwan expressionlessly said to the fake Worriless Nie, “Look.”

“Worriless Nie” and the other people reflexively looked down at the cake smashed to the ground, puzzled.

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