Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1631 - Mommy is certainly not “someone else”!

Chapter 1631: Mommy is certainly not “someone else”!

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The matter came to a conclusion at this point.

If it was only one person, perhaps there would still be room for suspicion, but Ji Xiuran, Shen Tianchen, and Lord Asura’s story all matched, so there was no way Bai Feng was lying.

Could these three big shots all be testifying falsely on Bai Feng’s behalf?

That would be an absolute cosmic joke!

Hence, “Worriless Nie” and the confident steward and guards couldn’t object at all.

A cold glint flashed through Nie Linglong’s narrowed eyes, but her face quickly regained its calm. She smiled and mediated the situation. “So it was actually a misunderstanding. It’s great that everything’s fine. President Bai, Worriless was just worried about Tangtang and your reputation is typically truly… You won’t take offense, right, President Bai?”

Ye Wanwan smiled sardonically. Heh, no wonder Nie Linglong managed to keep herself so hidden—she manages to say all the good and bad things with a few words.

“D*mn! Wanwan kindly took Tangtang out to have fun but was splashed with a bucket of dirty water. Yet you’re wiping everything clean with ‘It’s a misunderstanding’?” Nameless Nie furiously questioned.

Ye Wanwan was touched.

“You should at least learn from Young Master Shen. Can’t you at least give a few bars of gold sincerely?” Nameless Nie added.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Her feelings of being touched were as fleeting as the morning mist…

Madam Nie glanced at her son in annoyance with a dark expression. “Quiet.”

Madam Nie then turned to Ye Wanwan with unavoidable guilt on her face. “Sorry, Xiao Feng…”

Ye Wanwan originally just wanted to act since she definitely didn’t lose out in terms of acting, but when she actually spoke, genuine sadness infiltrated her. “Godmother, it’s fine… You were all just worried about Tangtang…”

Madam Nie watched how the girl lowered her eyes and the sadness that flashed through them, and for some reason, pain gripped Madam Nie’s heart fiercely.

“Worriless Nie” didn’t expect things to progress to this state. Her fists clenched into a death grip.

A moment later, all the venom disappeared from the fake Worriless Nie’s face and turned to hurt. “It’s all my fault… If it wasn’t because I didn’t do my job as a mother… today’s events wouldn’t have happened… I’ve been back for so long… but… Tangtang still isn’t able to accept me…”

The steward immediately glared at Ye Wanwan and cuttingly said, “This isn’t Miss Worriless’ fault. She’s Little Young Master Tangtang’s real mother, but some irrelevant person appeared out of nowhere and acts so intimately with Little Young Master every day. Just what is her ulterior motive?”

“Why didn’t I know Bro Flattop of the Fearless Alliance was so compassionate and liked children so much?”

Madam Nie sighed. They doted on this daughter the most, so they naturally ached upon seeing their daughter depressed every day due to her bad relationship with her son, their grandson.

Nie Linglong was very satisfied by the steward’s performance. She looked at Tangtang and gently said, “Tangtang, it’s Second Sister who’s your true mother, but you act more intimate with someone else other than your own biological mother. Don’t you know how much you’re hurting your mother?”

If they looked at it lightly, Nie Linglong was reminding Tangtang as a senior. If they looked at it seriously, she was implying Tangtang was a traitor and helping an outsider instead of his own family.

Tangtang’s face grew taut when he heard that. His normally bright and adorable eyes in front of Ye Wanwan lost all traces of warmth and a chilly aura emanated from his figure. He looked up and emphasized every word, “You have no right to interfere in our Nie family’s business.”

Mommy is certainly not “someone else”!!!

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