Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1630 - You want to kill me by laughing too hard so that you can get my inheritance?

Chapter 1630: You want to kill me by laughing too hard so that you can get my inheritance?

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Ji Xiuran asked, “Saying what?”

“Worriless Nie” immediately continued in a mocking manner, “Bai Feng actually claimed she’s with you, Brother Xiuran, and Young Master Shen, as well as… Lord Asura? Don’t you think that’s ridiculous?”

Ji Xiuran looked at Ye Wanwan, a smile spreading on his lips.

He answered, “President Bai was indeed traveling with us today.”

Disbelief instantly filled the fake Worriless Nie’s face. “How… how’s that possible?”

Shen Tianchen slipped out from behind them. “Why not? President Bai’s been with us the whole time with the child, and we were having a lot of fun! Why did we suddenly turn into kidnappers in the blink of an eye?”

“Kidnap? Please! How could the child encounter that kind of situation in our company?! I’d bury the culprit in gold bars!”

The only “partner-in-crime” left was… Lord Asura…

Ye Wanwan was confident Ji Xiuran and Shen Tianchen would cooperate with her, but Lord Asura…

Ye Wanwan discreetly smiled at the man while pleading.

Please cooperate with me, boss!

The man’s eyes sparkled when he saw her smile but immediately avoided her gaze.

When Ye Wanwan looked over, all she saw was him turning his head and staying silent expressionlessly. He didn’t expose her but also didn’t say anything, tacitly acquiescing to Ji Xiuran and Shen Tianchen’s lie.

Of course, it was also possible that he didn’t want to interfere with this matter and was uninterested in talking to them…

The Nie family didn’t expect three people like Ji Xiuran, Shen Tianchen, and Lord Asura to all appear at the same time and were dumbfounded, unable to react.

Nie Linglong knitted her brows tightly.

“Worriless Nie” was incredulous. “How could that be possible…? She clearly wanted to kidnap Tangtang…”

“Eh…” Patriarch Nie and Madam Nie also didn’t anticipate the situation to turn out like this and became uncertain.

Nameless Nie instantly made a racket. “Talk! Keep talking! Say that my sister abducted Tangtang! Oh wait, my sister abducted Tangtang with Emperor Ji of the Independent State, Shen Tianchen, an heir from the four great clans, and Lord Asura of Asura! That’s a f*cking cosmetic joke! Did you f*cking want to kill me by laughing too hard so you could get my inheritance?”

“Worriless Nie’s” and the steward’s faces turned ashen.

Not to mention Ji Xiuran and Shen Tianchen’s identities, but Lord Asura wasn’t considered official and wasn’t accepted by the Martial Arts Union. However, there was no way he would do something like kidnapping a child.

Wasn’t this equivalent to publicly trying to humiliate Asura by saying that?

The fake Worriless Nie’s eyes brimmed with suspicion. “But Brother Xiuran, Young Master Shen, Lord Asura… why are you three together?”

The cold-faced and silent Lord Asura suddenly spoke up. “Do I need to explain to you who I’m with?”

“Eh…” The fake “Worriless Nie” was immediately rendered speechless, and the man’s haughty and terrifying gaze caused her to feel like she was insignificant like an ant. A chill ran down her back.

He was truly the legendary Lord Asura indeed…

He only spoke, but that was frightening enough already.

Shen Tianchen found Lord Asura to be very handsome speaking like that, so he frantically nodded and echoed, “Right, right, right, Lord Asura is right!”

Ji Xiuran placidly replied, “President Bai brought Tangtang to see me, and we ran into Young Master Shen and Lord Asura on the way, so we traveled together.”

Shen Tianchen turned to Ji Xiuran and also thought Emperor Ji spoke sensibly. “Yes, yes, yes, Emperor Ji is right!”

Ye Wanwan speechlessly glanced at Shen Tianchen. “…”

It’s truly scary to be uneducated…

Thank goodness the other two supports were helpful…

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