Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1637 - No one is allowed to touch her

Chapter 1637: No one is allowed to touch her

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“I hope Worriless Nie will remain safe and sound before she recovers her memory,” the man said.

“What about after she recovers her memory?” Nie Linglong asked.

“After her memory recovers…” The man’s evil nature enveloped the room without restraint, and the chilling scar at the corner of his eye looked immensely ferocious. “After she remembers everything… I will personally… make her suffer in hell!”

“Your taste is rather unique indeed.” Nie Linglong snorted.

“Who you need to pay heed to is Nameless Nie, not Worriless Nie,” the man said.

Nie Linglong sneered scornfully at the mention of Nameless Nie. “There’s no need to worry about my brother. He’s obsessed with martial arts and is now wholeheartedly focused on using all sorts of crooked means to earn money. However… if my brother really becomes a hindrance, I don’t mind eliminating him.”

“Oh…?” The man pensively looked at Nie Linglong. “No one in the Independent State dares to claim they can eliminate Nameless Nie… Your brother can fight even Piece of Sh*t. Yet, you say you can? You?”

“Unfortunately… he has too many fatal weak points. Using martial strength is the most idiotic method to reap my brother’s life, but there are simply too many other methods to kill him,” Nie Linglong said with a sneer.

“Heh… No need to startle the snake. You just need to utilize your brother’s shortcomings and make his parents evict him from the Nie family. This way, the only heir will be the fake Worriless Nie. As for Nie Tangxiao, he’s too young and not worth mentioning. However, you must leave Worriless Nie to me,” the man said.

“My time is limited, so I can’t guarantee whether she can recover her memory. I don’t care about Worriless Nie as long as she doesn’t hinder me. Otherwise… I don’t have that much time to wait for her to recover her memory.”

After saying that, Nie Linglong left without looking back.

After Nie Linglong left the Martial Arts Union’s main hall, a man wearing a silver mask walked out from the back, his aloof voice ringing in the hall, “Nie Linglong is becoming harder to control.”

The Martial Arts Union’s president smirked, swishing the wine in his glass. “Everything’s going according to plan… It won’t be long before it’s time for the Independent State to have a change in atmosphere.”

“It’s becoming more interesting. Other people are insignificant, but Nie Linglong’s strength is growing stronger, so we need to keep a watch on her. There’s nearly no one in the Independent State who can suppress her now,” the masked man softly said.

“Heh…” The president’s lips turned up, full of maliciousness. “When a person is too greedy, it’s like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. For Nie Linglong, if she wanted it, half the Independent State would belong to her… If her infidelity grows too strong, I’ll make her regret being born in this world.”

“I hope so.” The masked man sounded aloof.

Currently, inside the Fearless Alliance:

Ye Wanwan languidly leaned back in her office chair. After tonight, it would almost be time for her to return to Scarlet Flames Academy since her two A-rank missions were easily accomplished already.

She hoped Big Dipper’s terrible acting wouldn’t be discovered by the people at Scarlet Flames Academy… or else she would definitely come back and beat Big Dipper until he was dead.

Ye Wanwan picked up the phone and looked at the messaging app she hadn’t logged onto for a long time.

Gong Xu, Luo Chen, and others sent her a message every few days, mostly inquiring about her whereabouts.

However, Ye Wanwan never responded to any of the messages and wouldn’t contact them until she returned to China.

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