Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1627 - Can’t be spared

Chapter 1627: Can’t be spared

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“Tangtang! Tangtang, are you alright?! You scared Grandma! If anything happened to you, what would Grandma have done?!” Madam Nie was pale with fright and examined Tangtang with incessant worry.

Tangtang hastily explained, “Grandma, things aren’t like what she said! Mommy didn’t harm me!”

Madam Nie furrowed her brows, turmoil evident in her expression. She didn’t say anything but based on her expression, she didn’t fully believe Tangtang.

After all, the steward’s broken wrist couldn’t be faked, and the surveillance did show that Ye Wanwan forcefully took Tangtang away.

Her actions were too impulsive…

Next to them, “Worriless Nie” donned a heartbroken and sorrowful expression. “Mom, look at how distantly Tangtang is addressing me. Yet, he’s calling a completely unrelated woman ‘Mommy’!”

The steward spoke up timely: “The fact that Bai Feng injured me and abducted Little Young Master from the Nie estate is the truth, and every guard present can testify to that. No matter how she’s bewitched Little Young Master, this is the undeniable truth! If we hadn’t arrived in time, what could’ve happened to Little Young Master after being kidnapped would be unimaginable!”

As the steward said that, he kept shooting looks at the nearby guards, and a few guards stepped forward and parroted something similar, verifying his words.

“Xiao Feng, what’s going on?” Madam Nie took to this girl as soon as they met and had a decent impression of her despite finding out she was the president of the Fearless Alliance.

However, when the problem concerned Tangtang, the situation was different.

How could Tangtang tolerate his mommy being interrogated and accused unjustly? He didn’t wait for Ye Wanwan to respond before standing protectively in front of her. “Grandma, Mommy acted to protect me because Steward Feng treated me disrespectfully. It was also my request for Mommy to take me outside; it has nothing to do with Mommy!”

Ye Wanwan watched the little fella using his tiny figure to stand in front of her and protect her, and her heart filled with warmth and tenderness even though she was having a standoff with her biological parents. She couldn’t reunite with them and even had to tolerate being misunderstood and accused.

“Worriless Nie” aggrievedly turned to Madam Nie and Patriarch Nie. “Dad, Mom, Tangtang’s been utterly brainwashed by this woman!”

“Worriless Nie” impatiently tacked on the charge of “Brainwashing Tangtang” to Ye Wanwan so it’d be useless no matter how Tangtang spoke up for Ye Wanwan and would tarnish her name the more he defended her.

“Worriless Nie” added, “Dad, Mom, it was because of the recent restless and unsafe state of the Independent State that I ordered the steward to take good care of Tangtang and prevent him from running around wildly; you know this. The steward was just doing his job and obeying orders.”

“However, this Bai Feng! She clearly knew about this but still took Tangtang out without permission. Do I need to point out her motive any further?”

Madam Nie remained silent, so Nie Linglong imperceptibly glanced at “Worriless Nie,” and the woman relentlessly added more fuel to the fire. “Mom, she’s Bai Feng, the president of the Fearless Alliance! What kind of place is the Fearless Alliance? And who is Bai Feng? She’s the Independent State’s infamous criminal! How could you believe anything someone like her says?! She clearly abducted Tangtang deliberately!”

“If anything happened to Tangtang, how would I survive? I finally came back and returned to you and Tangtang after great hardship! I won’t allow anyone to harm my son! Dad, Mom, this woman absolutely can’t be spared this time!”

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