Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1628 - Try intimidating her again

Chapter 1628: Try intimidating her again

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After hearing the indignant and furious words of “Worriless Nie,” Madam Nie’s expression finally wavered, and Patriarch Nie looked abnormally chilly and stern.

He detachedly glanced at Ye Wanwan before walking toward “Worriless Nie,” his stern expression easing up as soon as he looked at his daughter. “Behave, Worriless, you don’t need to fret over this matter. Father will handle it!”

“Dad…” “Worriless Nie” looked incredibly touched.

Nameless Nie couldn’t stand back and listen anymore. He shot forward like an arrow. “D*mn, what nonsense are you spouting, Worriless Nie?! What was that about being vicious, having ulterior motives, and kidnapping?! Are you saying I’m vicious and had ulterior motives and wanted to kidnap my own nephew?”

“Worriless Nie” reacted like she was terrified and shrank back like she was wronged. “Brother, why would you think that? I wasn’t talking about you…”

Nameless Nie was enraged. “You weren’t talking about me? Don’t you know Bai Feng’s my sworn brother? If you’re doubting her, then you’re doubting me! Did you think I was dead?”

Ye Wanwan felt rather conflicted about Nameless Nie’s act of emotionally jumping out and standing up for her.

She originally found it rather hard to accept that this idiot, Nameless Nie, was actually her biological brother, but… this guy truly did treat her really well…

Though his behavior was seriously too impulsive…

He was truly a pig-like teammate who dragged one’s feet…

Ye Wanwan originally thought Nameless Nie would definitely believe her if she told him about her identity.

Now though, she was immensely glad she didn’t tell him.

This guy was really endowed in martial strength, but his personality was too impulsive.

Counting on him to provide support in her offense was simply impossible.

It would already be a blessing if he didn’t ruin the plan.

As expected, as soon as Nameless Nie spoke irrationally like that, Patriarch Nie slapped him on the back of his head and was angered. “Punk, who are you shouting at? Who are you intimidating? Worriless is your true sister! Are you crazy? Just try intimidating her again!”

Nameless Nie clutched his head and jumped in anger. “D*mn! How did I intimidate her? I just spoke louder than usual! Can you be any more biased, Dad? Am I really your biological son?!”

“Punk, shut your mouth! I’ll punish you later! All you do outside day and night is fool around. What kind of people are you befriending?”

Patriarch Nie ignored his idiotic son and aloofly looked at Ye Wanwan. “President Fearless, it’s an honor to meet you. The Nie family and the Fearless Alliance have always minded their own business, but this doesn’t mean the Nie family is afraid of trouble. President Bai will have to give me an explanation for today’s matter or else I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave.”

As he said that, the Nie family’s guards walked forward and surrounded Ye Wanwan.

Currently, Ye Wanwan still looked a little dazed as the words spoken by Patriarch Nie protectively on Worriless Nie’s behalf rang in her ears.

She could tell that Madam Nie and Patriarch truly loved their daughter, Worriless Nie, a lot.

She had been misguided by the memory fragments in her dreams and always thought her parents were dead already. She didn’t expect them to still be alive and love her so much…

Unfortunately, she couldn’t reunite with them under the current circumstances and even had to endure such hostility.

This was all due to… Nie Linglong…

This adopted daughter of the Nie family who she personally rescued years ago.

She didn’t expect to have nurtured a lurking enemy…

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